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Tori: Näytä ilmoitus (#1798933)

Myydään: FS: Amazing '82 Fernandes Jazz Bass  Lisätty: 25.01.2023
  Voimassa: 25.02.2023
Ilmoittaja: MC44 (#62330)Tulosta | Pikaviesti
I just made a deal on a Moollon Jazz bass, so unfortunately my wonderful '82 MIJ Fernandes The Revival series 62 jazz bass clone should go. It's an amazing instrument, really resonant wood, super playability and the SOUND!!! I installed the Lundgren Vintage Jazz bass pickups, the same that Stenback uses on his high dollar basses and they really sound killer! Worth mentioning that I sold my '72 Fender Jazz and Fodera NYC bass but kept the Fernandes. Japanese basses from the beginning of eighties are mostly superior to US made Fenders from the same era. I have owned a bunch of '80s MIJ basses and they have been all nothing but amazing.
Huh, sad to let it go but I can't keep all the candies for myself. So someone can become lucky!
The bass is in Tallinn, you're welcome to try it out in my studio (Glockenklang, Epifani, H&K, Acoustic Image, Schroeder amps/cabs).
I can also bring the bass to Helsnki if we split the travel expenses. I can also ship the bass. The bass comes in a gig bag.

Brand: Fernandes
Model: Jazz “The Revival”
Neck: Maple and Palorosa
Pickups: Lundgren Vintage JB (originals will be added to the deal)
Body: Ash
Weight: 4 kg
Color: Sunburst
Country and year Japan 1980-1982
Extras: gigbag

Hinta: 1200 €

Osasto: BassotMuut
Paikkakunta: Ulkomaat
Puhelin: Näkyy kirjautuneille
Sähköposti: Näkyy kirjautuneille

Ilmoituksen #1798933 kuva Ilmoituksen #1798933 kuva Ilmoituksen #1798933 kuva Ilmoituksen #1798933 kuva


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