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Tori: Näytä ilmoitus (#1647210)

Myydään: CrazyTubeCircuits "SIDEKICK" reverb, delay, chorus/flanger, DI  Lisätty: 25.04.2021
  Voimassa: 15.06.2021
Ilmoittaja: Music_Lover (#183315)Tulosta | Pikaviesti
CrazyTubeCircuits “Sidekick” is exactly what it says - it is a small footprint do-a-lot (not yet "do-it-all" :) ) type of pedal that will help you in different ways. You can check the web, Youtube etc. about this pedal to get sound samples etc., but in general it provides a lot of the essentials: time-based effects (chorus/flanger, delay, reverb) and a DI + headphone out in addition to the usual input/output, plus a switchable speaker sim (1”12 cab) and a pad switch. I loved that you could run 3 outputs from this device (DI to PA, headphone out to a tuner pedal and regular out to an amp e.g.). The DI includes a preamp (switchable on/off inside the pedal). As a standalone unit, I found the pedal to do justice to my piezo/mic Maton acoustic really well, whereas the effects and preamp’ed DI really brought out the best of the acoustic when plugged in. As a regular effects pedal in a pedal chain, it provided me the usual and expected analogue time-based effects. I liked that you could switch either of the three effects on/off and also tune each of the effects separately. I think the reverb and the chorus really shined, but the preamp’ed DI option was an excellent extra. The headphone out helped me with silent practice.

I bought it used, it’s in mint condition, comes with a box. I used it perhaps 5-6 times to try it out until I realised my initial sound desires had gone to a different direction.

Feel free to ask me any further details, pictures etc.

It is located in Tallinn, Estonia, but I can ship it with e.g. Itella Smartpost anywhere in Finland.

Hinta: 200 €

Osasto: Efektit, pedaalitKitara
Paikkakunta: Ulkomaat
Puhelin: Näkyy kirjautuneille
Sähköposti: Näkyy kirjautuneille

Ilmoituksen #1647210 kuva


Music_Lover: Here's how Pete Thorn would use it

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