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Tori: Näytä ilmoitus (#1584599)

Myydään: Samson MPL2242 analoginen mikseri  Lisätty: 08.09.2020
  Voimassa: 06.11.2020
Ilmoittaja: tso (#20315)Tulosta | Pikaviesti
Monipuolinen analoginen laatumikseri. Soveltuu hyvin keikka-, treenis- ja kotistudiomikseriksi. Ollut pääasiassa treeniskäytössä. Kunto ok. Alla hieman kuvausta toiminnoista.

22 inputs, six auxiliary sends, 4-band EQ and four sub-groups. A total of 22 inputs, plus four stereo auxiliary returns which can be routed to two pairs of sub-groups, making the desk ideal for multitrack recording; the sub-groups are hardwired to the main stereo output. The main inputs are configured as 10 mono channels and six stereo channels. The mono channels are each equipped with balanced mic inputs on XLRs, balanced jack inputs, insert points and a trim control adjustable from +4dB to -50dB. Each of the six stereo channels (numbered 11-22) has a pair of unbalanced mono jack inputs, with a trim control on each stereo channel offering a range of +4dB to -30db. These stereo channels are ideal for the stereo outputs of keyboards, CD players, effects units and so on. Apart from gain range of the Trim controls, all input channels, stereo and mono, have the same facilities. A sophisticated 4-band EQ is a novel feature, and presents very useful sound shaping possibilities: the shelving high and low frequency controls offer 15dB cut or boost at 12kHz and 80Hz respectively, while upper and lower mid controls offer a peaking (bell) curve with 12dB cut or boost at 2.5kHz and 800Hz. Each channel also features four aux send controls, which feed six auxiliary buses. This is a typical configuration for this kind of desk, although Aux 1 is wired pre-fade only (as opposed to being switchable pre/post on the Mackie desk), so is best suited for setting up a monitor mix. The remaining auxes are post fade and perfect for effects. Aux 2 is fixed, but the remaining two auxiliaries are switchable between two aux send busses each: one knob can access either aux 3 or 5, and the other can access either 4 or 6. There follows a pan pot (it's a balance control on the stereo channels), bus routing switches, PFL/solo switch and a rather nice fader. Curiously, this is detented in the middle of its travel (at a nominal 0dB), just like the Mackie 1604. There is no dedicated channel mute/on switch, but the bus (sub-group) switch does the job to an extent. It selects between two pairs of buses (1 and 2 or 3 and 4), and so only works as a mute if you're not using a pair of output buses, since they're both always wired to the main mix. There is no way of addressing the main mix output directly, which may be a little restricting for some users. On a more positive note, the Solo/PFL switch allows for Pre-Fade Listen or Solo In Place.

Hinta: 150 €

Osasto: PA-laitteetMikserit
Paikkakunta: Oulu (Oulun lääni)
Puhelin: Näkyy kirjautuneille

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