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Myydään: Lot: Korg Triton Extreme 76 + Full RAM + MOSS Card + Extras! :  Lisätty: 17.04.2019
  Voimassa: 15.06.2019
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Sale 1 Korg Triton Extreme Pro 76 + Full RAM in Max + extremely rare MOSS Card (last version) + 1 pedal sustainer Korg (New) everything totally revised.

For sale great Lot:

Korg Triton Extreme Pro 76 with MOSS + RAM card at max + PCM Memory Card 8G + Korg EXB-PCM04 "Dance Extreme" + Korg Expansion Card EXB-PCM05 "Vintage Archives" + Korg Pedal (New) + Stand " X "with extra support for 1 keyboards + packaging and delivery included! All 100% revised, new loot, all in very good condition! GIFT BONUS: (For all those who have the Yamaha DX7IID or FD Synth: Card Extension E! + Floppy disks original factory)

/ PRICE: 1290 Euros


These Blue-Meanies Are Really EXTREME!

TRITON Extreme also includes the entire sample sets from Korg's best selling Trance Attack, Orchestral Collection and Vintage Archives expansion boards, the best material from Korg's Dance Extreme, Studio Essentials and Pianos/Classic Keyboards collections; and, of course, the complete TRITON STUDIO sample set. Korg Triton Extreme at a Glance:

- 1,334 Programs, 50 Drum kits, 1,280 Combinations created by top programmers.

- 120 note polyphony, Hyper-Integrated synthesis engine, and dual polyphonic arpeggiators.

- 16-bit, 48kHz sampler adn 16 MB of sample memory.

- Tube-driven Valve Force circuitry, five Insert effects, two stereo Master effects as well as a Master EQ effect for eight simultaneous effects.

- TouchView display panel and an array of unique realtime controls.
Sixteen track 200 song, 200,000 note sequencer.

- Extensive analog and digital I/O.
Two USB connection ports.
76 key synth-action keybed.

- Mounds of Sounds When it comes to sounds, the TRITON Extreme is a treasure trove, delivering an out-of-the-box palette of sounds created by the top programmers in the game, including an incredible 1,334 Programs and 50 Drum kits. Add to that another 1,280 Combinations, each composed of up to eight Programs, split, layered, zoned and velocity allocated across the keyboard. If that weren't enough, The Triton EX series includes additional banks of GM Level 2 Presets contain 256 Programs and nine Drum kits. Unchained Sound Creation Horsepower TRITON Extreme's Twin tone generators combine to pump out a generous 120 notes of polyphony. Korg's acclaimed Hyper Integrated synthesis engine provides breath-taking audio quality and an amazing degree of sound editing control. Each oscillator is processed through a multi-mode filter and multiple advanced envelope generators for precise sound shaping. Each of the two LFOs offers 21 waveforms, and each LFO can be synced to the arpeggiator, sequencer, or to your other MIDI gear. Plus, TRITON Extreme contains 42 alternate modulation source (AMS) types and 51 modulation destinations. Supercharge your TRITON Extreme by adding six-voices of DSP modeling (stolen from the legendary Korg Z1) with the optional MOSS (EXB-MOSS). Dual polyphonic arpeggiators can spit out machine-gun cascades of notes, hold down a groove or generate a simple acoustic guitar picking pattern.

489 arpeggiator patterns come preloaded. Sizzling Sampling The TRITON Extreme is also a robust 16-bit, 48kHz sampler. Korg's exclusive Open Sampling System unlocks the power and benefits of sampling from every mode.

The possibilities are endless, but now you can add vocal lines, guitar solos and other audio performances to your sequenced songs! Finally, you can sample or resample directly to CompactFlash or Microdrive media. Resampled songs saved to media can be converted to audio and burned to CD via USB.

Expandable to 96 MB, TRITON Extreme ships with 16 MB of sample memory. Sample memory is conveniently added through a pop-open hatch on the front panel. A complete set of grid-assisted sample editing tools is provided - including time slice, loop, truncate, and time stretch functions. TRITON Extreme is compatible with .WAV, AIFF, AKAI S1000/S3000 and KORG format sample data.

Hinta: 1290 €

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Paikkakunta: Helsinki (Etelä-Suomen lääni)
Puhelin: Näkyy kirjautuneille

Ilmoituksen #1452524 kuva Ilmoituksen #1452524 kuva Ilmoituksen #1452524 kuva Ilmoituksen #1452524 kuva Ilmoituksen #1452524 kuva

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