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Tori: Näytä ilmoitus (#1208050)

Myydään: EMMA TransMORGrifier  Lisätty: 28.11.2016
  Voimassa: 26.01.2017
Ilmoittaja: Wolfmother (#75732)Tulosta | Pikaviesti
Huippuluokan kompurapedaali nyt alehintaan. Pedaali uusi ja käyttämätön (ovh. 200 ¤).

Vaihdossa kelpaa Boss FRV-1 tai RE-20.

The working musician has always needed several compressors in their arsenal to be prepared for any playing situation. The TransMORGrifier solves this problem by incorporating the best attributes of several classic compressors into one unit while simultaneously eliminating the shortcomings common to such vintage designs.

The TM-1 is all about control: A bevy of knobs (Level, Release, Attack, Ratio) assure the user precise and continuous variation to their sound. Incredibly interactive, these Controls offer the ability to custom tailor the compression to match the job at hand. Need a subtle pinch for a chickin' pickin' country number? How about a full-on squash to reign in your thumb technique? No matter what style or instrument, the perfect tone is easily dialed in with minimal alteration to the original signal.
The TRansMORGrifier makes the working musician's job easier by giving them more tools for the task at hand - it's a new classic!

".performs superbly and offers something for discerning players of all types, with shockingly transparent tones and lush warmth."

Tämä toimii erinomaisesti myös bassolle.

"I have the Emma TransMORGrifier and it is an excellent pedal to use with a bass. The settings I have right now give me a consistent volume and a mean punch on every string and fret. I definitely recommend getting this." -

Hinta: 100 €

Osasto: Efektit, pedaalitKitara
Paikkakunta: Hämeenlinna (Etelä-Suomen lääni)

Ilmoituksen #1208050 kuva

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