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Tori: Näytä ilmoitus (#1205351)

Myydään: Digidesign DIGI PRE 8 channel microphone pre-amp  Lisätty: 20.11.2016
  Voimassa: 08.12.2016
Ilmoittaja: JonasWkarlsson (#139141)Tulosta | Pikaviesti
Myydän muuton ja vähäisen käytön vuoksi erinomaisessa kunnossa oleva Digidesign DIGI PRE 8.

Tässä Digidesignin speksit:

The 8 Channel Mic Preamp. 8-channel high definition mic preamp delivers the clearest possible signal to your Pro Tools sytem.
The Digidesign PRE features eight discrete, matched-transistor, hybrid mic-preamp circuits, each delivering a transparent signal path designed specifically for the Pro Tools|HD environment. PRE accepts nearly any input signal, easily accommodating mic, line, and direct instrument (DI) level inputs on all eight channels. Comprehensive remote-controllable operation via the Pro Tools software interface or Digidesign control surfaces allows you to place PRE anywhere in the studio and retain the ability to take advantage of its entire rich feature set from where you want to operate. PRE also functions exceptionally as a stand-alone device, making the same high-end sonic quality available for non-Pro Tools applications and all standard MIDI controllers.
The main features of the Digidesign PRE include:

8 high-performance, discrete, matched-transistor hybrid microphone pre-amplification circuits
Support for mic (XLR), direct instrument (DI), and line level inputs (1/4 inch jack)
Each channel includes a high pass filter, phase reverse, 48V (phantom power) and -18 dB pad
Fully remote-controllable via Pro Tools software and Digidesign control surfaces; allows for the highest fidelity by keeping low-level signals close to the source
Selectable impedance matching for mic, line, or instrument inputs
MIDI IN/OUT/THRU ports for remote operation
All features supported in stand-alone mode, making PRE an ideal analog front end for any recording system Circuit Topology: Discrete Matched Transistor Hybrid
Inserts points on all 8 mic pre channels
Input Gain: 0 dB to +69 dB in 3 dB steps, with -18 dB pad engaged; -18 dB to +51 dB
Maximum Input Level: +47 dBu, pad in, @ 1 kHz, less than 0.1% THD
Mic E.I.N (unweighted): -128 dB @ 66 dB gain (20 Hz to 20 kHz) 150 ohm
THD+N: less than 0.0005% @ 1 kHz, 0 dB gain @ 20 dB signal; < 0.001% (20 Hz to 20 kHz), 0 dB gain @ 0 dB signal
CMMRR: less than - 75 dB @ 1 kHz, 140 mVcm, +6 dB gain
Crosstalk: less than -90 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Frequency Response: 0.1 dB; 20 Hz to 20 kHz, @ +48 dB gain
Input Impedance (Input Z): 1.5 kohm (low); 15 kohm (mid); 1.5 Mohm (high)
Phantom Power: 48V +/ - 1V
High Pass Filter: -3 dB @ 85 Hz, 18 dB/ octave
Maximum Output Level: +29 dBu, balanced, @ 1 kHz, less than 0.1% THD

Hinta: 700 €

Osasto: Studio/PCMuut
Paikkakunta: Helsinki (Etelä-Suomen lääni)
Puhelin: Näkyy kirjautuneille

Ilmoituksen #1205351 kuva Ilmoituksen #1205351 kuva Ilmoituksen #1205351 kuva


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