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Tori: Näytä ilmoitus (#1203928)

Myydään: TC Electronics G-System  Lisätty: 15.11.2016
  Voimassa: 13.01.2017
Ilmoittaja: TiPaMalts (#180845)Tulosta | Pikaviesti
I am selling TC Electronics G-System extended package.
Usually TC G-System consist pedalboard + FX processor.
It is possible use them both on floor as bundle or pedalboard on floor and FX processor separatly on rack or on amp., connected by 5CAT cable.
In my package I have one pedal board and two FX processors. You are not able use all 3 at same time. Why I have them 3?
I have some amps with loop and some amps without loop. Whe I used amp WITHOUT loop (Fender Delox Reverb), I had FX processor in front of amp. When I used amp WITH loop (Mesa Mark V) I had FX connected to amp loop. Pedalboard was all the time on floor.
It was not easy get from TC that extra delivery, with one floor unit aws delevered two FX processors.

G-System is multieffect, what consist all effects You need.
All Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Doubler, Pitch(multivoice), Dalay, Reverb, Boost,Tuner, Whaw, Compressor. Noise gate, paralel/semiparalel/serial, mono/stereo, MIDI, function rate change on fly (You have need for pedal), headroom settings ......

G-System page is:
Thoman 1222¤ (with one FX Processor :

Floor unit and both FX are in very good conditions and working properly without any problems.

I provide regular printer manual and advanced tips manual, whit deep explanations (in English)

Hinta: 500 €

Osasto: Efektit, pedaalitKitara
Paikkakunta: Ulkomaat
Puhelin: Näkyy kirjautuneille

Ilmoituksen #1203928 kuva Ilmoituksen #1203928 kuva Ilmoituksen #1203928 kuva Ilmoituksen #1203928 kuva


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