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C-BankGood To The Last Drop198512" 
Cado BelleCado Belle1976LP 
Caesar, ShirleyJesus, I Love Calling Your Name1983LP 
Cale, J.J.Really1972CD 
Cale, J.J.Okie1974LP 
Cale, J.J.Troubadour1976LP 
Cale, J.J.51979LP 
Cale, J.J.Grasshopper1982LP 
Cale, JohnSlow Dazzle1975CD 
Cale, JohnSabotage/Live1979LP 
Cale, JohnHoni Soit1981LP 
CalexicoThe Black Light1998LP 
Call And ResponseCall And Response2001CD 
Calypso RoseAh Cant Wait1980LP 
CamelThe Snow Goose1975CD 
CamelThe Snow Goose1975LP 
CamelA Live Record19782CD 
CameoWe All Know Who We Are1977LP 
CameoFeel Me1980LP 
CameoShe's Strange1984LP 
CameoSingle Life1985LP 
CameoCandy / She's Mine19867" 
CameoWord Up! / Urban Warrior19867" 
CanMonster Movie1969LP 
CanTago Mago1971CD 
CanEge Bamyasi1972CD 
CanSoon Over Babaluma1974CD 
CanDelay 19681982CD 
CanThe Lost Tapes20125LP 
Can Can HeadsThe Formation Of Oxen With Fire19987" 
Candan, NerminCanimin Içi / Hayat Mi Bu19707" 
Cane And AbleRelating A Message To You1972LP
Canned HeatGreatest Hits LP 
Canned HeatThe Best Of CD 
Canned HeatBoogie With Canned Heat1968LP 
Cannonball AdderleyStill Talkin' To Ya LP 
Cannonball AdderleyThe Best Of Cannonball Adderley LP 
Cantata SanguiBehind t.'.h.'.e Masks Of Life CDEP 
Cantor Joseph KanefskyFriday Night Service With LP 
Capdevielle, Jean-Patrick21980LP 
CappadonnaThe Pillage1998CD 
Captain BeefheartI May Be Hungry, But I Sure Ain't Weird1992CD 
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandThe Legendary A & M Sessions1965CD 
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandSafe As Milk1967CD
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandSafe As Milk1967LP 
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandThe Mirror Man Sessions1967CD 
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandStrictly Personal1968CD 
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandTrout Mask Replica1969CD
Captain Beefheart and His Magic BandsRailroadism, Live In The USA 72-812003CD 
Captain Beefheart and The Magic BandCaptain Beefheart's Last Live Concert Plus... 2CD 
Captain Beefheart and The Magic BandLive'n'Rare 2CD 
Captain Beefheart and The Magic BandLick My Decals Off, Baby1970LP 
Captain Beefheart and The Magic BandThe Spotlight Kid / Clear Spot1972CD 
Captain Beefheart and The Magic BandBluejeans & Moonbeams1974CD 
Captain Beefheart and The Magic BandShiny Beast(Bat Chain Puller)1978CD 
Captain Beefheart and The Magic BandDoc At The Radar Station1980CD 
Captain Beefheart and The Magic BandIce Cream For Crow1982CD 
Captain Beefheart and The Magic BandMerseytrout - Live In Liverpool 19802000CD
Captain Beefheart and The Magic BandAmsterdam '802006CD 
Captain BeyondCaptain Beyond1972CD 
Captain RappBad Times (I Can't Stand It)198312" 
Captain SensibleWomen And Captain First1982LP 
Cara, IreneFame198012" 
Cara, IreneAnyone Can See1982LP 
Cara, IreneWhat A Feelin'1983LP 
CaravanIf I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You1970CD 
CaravanIn The Land Of Gray And Pink1971CD 
CaravanFor Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night1973CD 
Cardigans, TheGran Turismo1998CD 
Carlos, RobertoRoberto Carlos1976LP 
Carlton, CarlEverlasting Love1974LP 
Carlton, CarlShe's A Bad Mama Jama / This Feeling's Rated X-tra19817" 
Carlton, CarlThe Bad C.C.1982LP 
CarmelThe Drum Is Everything1984LP 
Carmen, PhilWise Monkeys1986LP 
Carr, JamesYou Got My Mind Messed Up1967LP 
Carra', RaffaellaForte Forte Forte1976LP 
Carroll, David & His OrchestraRitmos Tropicales LP 
Cars, TheThe Cars1978MC 
Carter, ClarenceSixty Minutes With Clarence Carter1973LP 
Cartoon TreeRoller / Grand Design19987" 
Cash, JohnnyAt San Quentin1969LP 
Cash, JohnnyAmerican III: Solitary Man2000CD 
CasparTalk To Me (Your Body Speaks my Language)198412" 
Catto, MalcomPopcorn Bubble Fish2001CD 
Catto, MalcomRock20017" 
Cavaliere, FelixFelix Cavaliere1974LP 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsFrom Her To Eternity1984CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsThe Firstborn Is Dead1985CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsYour Funeral...My Trial1986CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsAbattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus20042CD 
CavemanPositive Reaction1991LP 
Ceebrolistics0. ep2001CD 
Celi BeeBoomerang / Can't Let You Go19797" 
Celi BeeLove Drops / Can't Let You Go19797" 
Celi Bee & The Buzzy BunchAlternating Currents1978LP 
CerroneLove In C Minor1976LP 
CerroneCerrone 3 : Supernature1977LP 
CerroneJe Suis Music / Rocket In The Pocket197812" 
CerroneRock Me / Rocket In The Pocket19787" 
CerroneThe Golden Touch1978LP 
Chagrin D'amourChacun Fait19817" 
Chamfort, AlainPoses1979LP 
Chandler, GeneWhen You're #11979LP 
ChangeSearching / Angel In My Pocket198012" 
ChangeParadise / Your Move19817" 
ChangeThis Is Your Time1983LP 
ChangeTurn On Your Radio1985LP 
Charden, EricJ't'écris LP 
Charlatans, TheThen / Taurus Moaner19907" 
Charles Lloyd Quartet, TheDream Weaver1966LP 
Charles, RayHit The Road Jack 7" 
Charles, RayRay Charles LP 
Charles, RayRay Charles1967LP 
Charlie Parker - Dizzy GillespieCharlie Parker - Dizzy Gillespie LP 
CharoOlé Olé1979LP 
Cheap TrickAll Shook Up1980LP 
Cheech & ChongLet's Make A New Dope Deal1980LP 
CheriMurphy's Law19827" 
Cherry, DonArt Deco1988MC 
ChewSee The Light1983LP 
Chi-Chi FavelasRock Solid1978LP 
Chi-Lites, TheHeavenly Body1980LP 
Chi-Lites, TheGreatest Hits1983LP 
ChicC'Est Chic1978LP 
ChicGood Times / A Warm Summer Night19797" 
ChicGood Times / A Warm Summer Night197912" 
ChicMy Forbidden Lover / What About Me19797" 
ChicTake It Off1981LP 
ChicTongue In Chic1982LP 
ChicJack Le Freak Remix '8719877" 
ChicChic -ism1992LP 
ChicChic Mystique Remixes199212" 
Chic & Sister SledgeFreak Out - The Greatest Hits1987LP 
Children, The & The Thursday's ChildrenStoned Sixties CD 
Chills, TheHeavenly Pop Hit / Whole Lot Of Non19907" 
ChillyFor Your Love1978LP 
ChillyWelcome To L.A.1979LP 
ChillySimply A Love Song / Dimension 519817" 
China SwallowMoments Of Being CDEP 
Chocolate Factory45 Minutes Out Of 3 Years1987LP 
Chocolate MilkChocolate Milk1976LP 
Chocolate MilkWe're All In This Together1977LP 
Chocolate MilkHipnotism1980LP 
Chocolat'sBrasilia Carnaval1975LP 
Choice Four, TheThe Choice Four1975LP 
Chopin, FrédéricBeliebte Klavierstücke LP 
Chopin, FrédéricConcerto N. 1 / Emil Gilels LP 
Chopin, FrédéricPiano Music1975LP 
Church, TheThe Church1981LP 
Chuy Reyes And His OrchestraArthur Murray Favorites - Rhumbas LP 
CimaronsFreedom Street1980LP 
CissyTaas Taas / Sua Ilman19787" 
Clail, Gary/On-U Sound SystemEscape / False Leader19917" 
Clapton, EricBehind The Sun1985LP 
Clark, DeeHey Little Girl CD 
Clark, Sonny1954 Memorial Album1954CD 
Clarke, StanleyChildren Of Forever1973LP 
Clarke, StanleyStraight To The Top / The Force Of Love19827" 
Clash, TheGive 'Em Enough Rope1978CD 
Clash, TheLondon Calling1979CD 
Clash, TheThe Call-Up / Stop The World19807" 
Clash, TheCombat Rock1982CD 
Classics IVMamas And Papas/Soul Train LP 
Classix NouveauxIs It A Dream / Where To Go19827" 
Clay, JennyWhite And Red To Blue / Late Hours 7" 
Clayton-Thomas, DavidDavid Clayton-Thomas!1969LP 
Clayton-Thomas, DavidDavid Clayton-Thomas1973LP 
Clea & McLeodBeyond Our Means1990LP 
Cliff, JimmyThe Best Of19752LP 
Clifford Thornton & The Jazz Composers OrchestraThe Gardens Of Harlem1975LP 
Clifford, LindaLet Me Be Your Woman19792LP 
Clifford, Linda / Curtis MayfieldThe Right Combination1980CD 
Clifford, MatayaStar Fell From Heaven1976LP 
CliftersSexi On In1989LP 
Clinton, GeorgeComputer Games1982LP 
CloudSteppin' Out (With You)198312" 
Cloud ControlBliss Release2011CD 
Clüster DuoVaalea impi flaneeraa esplanadilla CDEP 
Coasters, TheThe Early Years1973LP 
Coates, OdiaOdia Coates1975LP 
Cobham, BillySpectrum1973CD 
Cobham, BillyCrosswinds1974CD 
Coconuts, TheDon't Take My Coconuts1983LP 
CoffeeSecond Cup1982LP 
Coffey, DennisGoin' For Myself1972LP 
Cohen, LeonardSongs Of Love And Hate1971LP 
Cohen, LeonardI'm Your Man1988LP 
Cold Crush Brothers, ThePunk Rock Rap198312" 
ColdcutStop This Crazy Thing19887" 
Cole, BJTransparent Music1989LP 
Coleman, Gary B.b.If You Can Beat Me Rockin'1988LP 
Coleman, OrnetteIn Europe Volume 11967LP 
College Boys, TheI Get Rush198312" 
Collegium MusicumMarian Varga & Collegium Musicum1975CD 
Collins, LynMama Feelgood: The Best Of2005CD 
Colon / MirandaDoble Energia1980LP 
Colon, WillieCosa Nuestra1972CD 
Colon, WillieThe Big Break - La Gran Fuga1976CD 
Colon, WillieWillie1977LP 
Colon, Willie & Associates49 Minutes1978LP 
Colon, Willie & Ruben BladesSiembra1978LP 
ColosseumThe Valentyne Suite1969CD 
Coltrane, ChiLet It Ride1973LP 
Coltrane, JohnAfro-Blue LP 
Coltrane, JohnBlue Train1957CD 
Coltrane, JohnThe Believer1957CD 
Coltrane, JohnA Love Supreme1964CD 
CommandosEdge Of Town1986LP 
CommodoresGreatest Hits1978LP 
CommodoresToo Hot Ta Trot / Three Times A Lady19787" 
CommodoresWonderland / Still19797" 
CommodoresIn The Pocket1981LP 
Comsat Angels, TheEye Of The Lens / At Sea19817" 
Comsat Angels, TheAfter The Rain (remix)19827" 
ComusFirst Utterance19712LP 
Con Funk ShunFever1983LP 
Conniff, RayI Write The Songs1976LP 
Conniff, RaySend In The Clouds1976LP 
Conniff, RayTheme From S.W.A.T. And Other T.V. Themes1976LP 
Conniff, Ray and The SingersI Can See Clearly Now1973LP 
Continent Number 6Afromerica / Supercontinent19787" 
Cop Shoot CopWhite Noise1991LP 
Cope, JulianBeautiful Love / Port Of Saints19917" 
Cope, JulianEast Easy Rider / Butterfly E19917" 
Copeland, JohnnyTexas Twister1984LP 
Coral, TheThe Coral2002CD 
Coral, TheMagic And Medicine2003CD 
Corea, ChickReturn To Forever1972LP 
Corea, ChickThe Mad Hatter1978LP 
Corea, Chick And Return To ForeverLight As A Feather1973LP 
Corley, AlSquare Rooms1984LP 
CornucopiaFull Horn1973CD 
Cortijo Y Su ComboCon Ismael Rivera CD 
Cosma, VladimirDiva (Bande Originale Du Film)1981LP 
Cosmetic with Jamaaladeen TacumaSo Tranquilizin'198512" 
Cosmo Jones Beat MachineNo Matter How You Pray2005CD 
Cosmo Jones Beat MachineBelzeboogie2008LP 
Costandinos, Alec R.Romeo & Juliet1978LP 
Costandinos, Alec R.Alec R. Costandinos & The Synchophonic Orchestra1980LP 
Costello, ElvisThe Man(The Best Of Elvis Costello)1986CD 
Costello, Elvis & The AttractionsArmed Forces1979MC 
Count Basie & His OrchestraThe Best Of Basie LP 
Country Joe & The FishElectric Music For The Mind And Body1967CD 
Counts, TheWhat's Up Front That - Counts1971CD 
Cousins, DaveTwo Weeks Last Summer1972LP 
Cowboy JunkiesWhites Off Earth Now1986LP 
Cowboys InternationalNothing Doing / 2 Millions19797" 
Cowley, PatrickMegatron Man1981LP 
Cowley, PatrickMind Warp1982LP 
Cowley, Patrick featuring SylvesterDo Ya Wanna Funk198212" 
Coyne, KevinMarjory Razorblade1973CD 
Coyne, KevinMatching Head And Feet1975LP 
Coyne, KevinDynamite Daze1978LP 
Coyne, KevinMillionaires And Teddy Bears1979CD 
Coyne, KevinBursting Bubbles1980LP 
Crackin'Special Touch1978LP 
CrazyMy Method Of Madness1980LP
Crazy HorseCrazy Horse1971CD 
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, TheI Put A Spell On You / Nightmare19687" 
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, TheThe Crazy World Of Arthur Brown1968CD 
CrazyheadDesert Orchid1988LP 
CreamDisraeli Gears1967LP 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival / Bayou Country 2LP 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalGreen River / Willy And The Poor Boys 2LP 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalPendulum / Cosmo's Factory 2LP 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalBayou Country1969LP 
Creeps, TheNow Dig This!1988LP 
Crocodiles, TheTears1980LP 
Crown Heights AffairGalaxy Of Love / Cherry19787" 
Crown Heights AffairSure Shot1980LP 
Crown Heights AffairStruck Gold1983LP 
CrucisKronologia CD 
Cruise, JuleeFloating Into The Night1989LP 
Crusaders, TheRhapsody And Blues1980LP 
CureA Letter To Elise / The Big Hand19927" 
Cure, TheSeventeen Seconds1980LP 
Cure, TheStanding On A Beach - The Singles1986LP 
Curtis, RhodaRhoda Curtis1977LP 
Cymone, AndréMake Me Wanna Dance198312" 
Cymone, AndréSurvivin' In The 80's1983LP 
Cypress HillOriginal Album Classics20085CD 


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