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CandlelightCompilation  CD 
Cannibal CorpseTomb Of The Mutilated 1992CD 
Cannibal CorpseThe Bleeding 1994CD 
Cannibal CorpseVile 1996CD 
Cannibal CorpseGallery Of Suicide 1998CD 
Cannibal CorpseBloodthirst 1999CD 
Cannibal CorpseThe Wretched Spwn 2004CD 
Cannibal CorpseKill 2007CD+DVD 
Cannibal CorpseEvisceration Plague 2009CD+DVD 
CarcassSymphonies Of Sickness 1989CD 
CarcassNecrotism-Descanting The Insalubrious 1991CD 
CarcassHeartwork 1993CD 
CarcassThe Heartwork EP 1993CDEP 
CarnivoreRetaliation 1987CD 
CarnivoreCarnivore 1990CD 
Carpathian ForestThrough Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods 1995CDEP 
Carpathian ForestBloodlust And Perversion 1997CD 
Carpathian ForestBlack Shining Leather 1998CD 
Carpathian ForestStrange Old Brew 2000CD 
CathedralSoul Sacrifice 1992CDEP 
CathedralStatik Majik 1993CDEP 
CathedralThe Ethereal Mirror 1993CD 
CathedralIn Memorium 1994CDEP 
CathedralHopkins(The Witchfinder General) 1995CDS 
CathedralThe Carnival Bizarre 1995CD 
CathedralSupernatural Birth Machine 1996CD 
CathedralCaravan Beyond Redemption 1998CD 
CathedralEndtyme 2001CD 
CathedralThe VIIth Coming 2002CD 
CathedralThe Garden Of Unearthly Delights 2005CD 
Celtic FrostTo Mega Therion 1988CD 
Celtic FrostParched With Thirst Am I And Dying 1984-1992 1992CD 
Chaos RemnantHuman Hammer 2005CDEP 
Children Of BodomSomething Wild 1998CD 
CodeNouveau Gloaming 2004CD 
Control DeniedThe Fragile Art Of Existence 1999CD 
CovenantIn Times Before The Light 1996CD 
CovenantNexus Polaris 1998CD 
Coverdale-PageCoverdale-Page 1993CD 
Cradle Of FilthDusk.....And Her Embrace 1996CD 
Cradle Of FilthVempire Or Dark Faerytales... 1996CD 
Cradle Of FilthFrom The Cradle To Enslave E.P. 1999CDEP 
Cradle Of FilthMidian 2000CD 
Cradle of FilthBitter Suites To Succubi 2001CD 
Cradle Of FilthLive Bait For The Dead 20022CD 
Cradle Of FilthDamnation And A Day 2003CD 
Cradle Of FilthGodspeed On The Devil`s Thunder 20082CD 
CraniumSpeed Metal Slaughter 1998CD 
Cypress HillCypress Hill 1991CD 
Cypress HillBlack Sunday 1993CD 
Cypress HillIII(Temples Of Boom) 1995CD 
Cypress HillTill Death Do Us Part 2004CD 


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