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59 Times The PainMore Out Of Today1995CD 
A Silver Mt. ZionBorn into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward2001CD
A Silver Mt. Zion"This Is Our Punk-Rock," Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing,2003CD 
A Silver Mt. ZionHorses in the Sky2005CD
A Silver Mt. Zion13 Blues for Thirteen Moons2008CD
A Silver Mt. ZionKollaps Tradixionales2010CD
A Silver Mt. ZionFuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything2014CD 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteMuovi antaa periksi1995CD 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteSimpukka-amppeli1998CD 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteSuljettu1999CD 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteOlos2000CD 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteNimi muutettu2002CD 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteSeitsemäs Sinetti2003CD 
AC/DCBlow Up Your Video1988LP 
AcceptEat The Heat1989LP 
Against All AuthorityAll Fall Down1998CD 
AgallochPale Folklore1999CD 
AgallochThe Mantle2002CD 
AgallochAshes Against The Grain2006CD 
AgallochMarrow Of The Spirit2010CD 
AgallochFaustian Echoes2012CDEP 
AgallochThe Serpent & The Sphere2014CD 
AivolävistysOma Illuusio2022CD 
AlcestSouvenirs d'un autre monde2007CD 
AlcestÉcailles De Lune2010CD 
AlcestLes Voyages de l'Āme2012CD 
Alice In ChainsFacelift1990CD 
Alice In ChainsDirt1992CD 
Alice In ChainsJar Of Flies / SAP19942CD 
Alice In Chainss/t1995CD 
Alice In ChainsUnplugged1997DVD 
Alice In ChainsLive2000CD 
Alice In ChainsBlack Gives Way To Blue2009CD 
Alice in ChainsThe Devil Put Dinosaurs Here2013CD 
Alice in ChainsRainier Fog2018CD 
Aliens And StrangersBloodfix19957" 
AllAllroy For Prez1988CD 
AllAllroy Saves1990CD 
AllBreaking Things1993CD 
AllMass Nerder1998CD 
AllLive Plus One20012CD
AmesoeursRuines Humaines2006CDEP 
AmorphisFar From The Sun2003Muu
AmorphisSilent Waters2007CD 
Amos, ToriTales of a Librarian2003CD 
AnathemaAlternative 41998CD 
AnathemaPentecost III / Crestfallen2004CD
AnathemaWe're Here Because We're Here2010CD 
AnthraxAmong the living1987CD 
AnthraxState Of Euphoria1988LP 
AnthraxPersistence Of Time1990LP 
AnthraxSound Of White Noise1993LP 
AnthraxAlive 2 (2005) - The Special Edition2005CD+DVD 
Anti-FlagThe Bright Lights of America2008CD 
At The Drive-InAcrobatic Tenement1996CD 
At The Drive-InEl Gran Orgo1997CD 
At The Drive-InIn/Casino/Out1998CD 
At The Drive-InVaya1999CD 
At The Drive-InRelationship Of Command2000CD 
At The Drive-Inin•ter a•li•a2017CD 
At The GatesSlaughter of the soul1995CD 
AudioslaveOut Of Exile2005CD 
AudioslaveLive In Cuba2006DVD 
Automatics, Thes/t1996CD 
Bad AstronautHouston: We Have a Drinking Problem2002CD 
Bad AstronautTwelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment2006CD 
Bad ReligionSuffer1988CD 
Bad ReligionNo Control1989CD 
Bad ReligionAgainst The Grain1990CD 
Bad Religion80-851991CD 
Bad ReligionGenerator1992CD 
Bad ReligionRecipe For Hate1993CD 
Bad ReligionStranger Than Fiction1994CD 
Bad ReligionAll Ages1995CD 
Bad ReligionThe Gray Race1996CD 
Bad ReligionTested1997CD 
Bad ReligionNo Substance1998CD 
Bad ReligionThe Process Of Belief2002CD 
Bad ReligionAlong The Way2004DVD 
Bad ReligionThe Empire Strikes First2004CD 
Bad ReligionLive At The Palladium2006DVD 
Bad ReligionNew Maps Of Hell2007CD 
Bad ReligionThe Dissent Of Man2010CD 
Bad ReligionTrue North2013CD 
Bad ReligionAge Of Unreason2019CD 
BaronessRed Album2007CD 
Barrett, SydBarrett1970CD 
Barrett, SydThe Madcap Laughs1970CD 
Beatnik TermitesSchoolboy's Dream19947" 
BehemothThe Apostasy2007CD
BehemothThe Satanist2014CD 
BehemothI Loved You at Your Darkest2018CD 
Black TuskSet the Dial2011CD 
Black TuskPillars of Ash2016CD 
Black TuskTCBT2018CD 
BlatzCheaper Than The Beer19907" 
BlindsideA Thought Crushed My Mind2000CD 
BlindsideAbout a Burning Fire2004CD 
BlindsideWith Shivering Hearts We Wait2011CD 
BloodbathResurrection Through Carnage2002CD 
BloodbathNightmares Made Flesh2004CD 
BloodbathFathomless Mastery2008CD 
BloodbathSurvival Of The Sickest2022CD 
Bon JoviSlippery When Wet1986LP 
Bon JoviNew Jersey1988LP 
Bon Jovi, JonBlaze Of Glory1990LP 
Boris The Sprinkler(Do You Wanna) Grilled Cheese?19947" 
Boris The SprinklerMale Model19947" 
Boris The SprinklerMega Anal1996CD 
Cairns, Andy53 Minutes Under Byker2013CD 
CallistoTrue Nature Unfolds2004CD 
Cantrell, JerryBoggy Depot1998CD 
Celtic FrostMonotheist2006CD 
Chromatic DarkObsidious2006Muu
Chromatic DarkHateballads 20082008Muu
Chromatic DarkFractures2009Muu 
Citizen FishActive Ingredients1998CD 
Clash, TheLondon Calling1979CD 
Clash, TheCombat Rock1982CD 
Clash, TheFrom Here To Eternity Live1999CD 
Clock ParadoxPromo 20092009CDEP 
Clock ParadoxPromosexual20092009CDEP 
CMXDinosaurus Stereophonicus20002CD 
Common RiderThis Is Unity Music2002CD 
Cornell, ChrisEuphoria Morning1999CD 
Cult Of LunaS/T2001CD 
Cult Of LunaThe Beyond2002CD 
Cult Of LunaSalvation2004CD 
Cult Of LunaSomewhere Along The Highway2006CD 
Cult Of LunaEternal Kingdom + Fire Was Born2009CD+DVD 
Cult Of LunaVertikal2013CD 
Cult Of LunaVertikal II2013CDEP 
Cult Of LunaA Dawn To Fear20192CD 
Cult Of LunaThe Raging River2021CDEP 
Cult Of LunaLong Road North2022CD 
Cult Of Luna & Julie ChristmasMariner2016CD 
Cure, ThePornography1982CD 
Cure, TheDisintegration1989CD 
Cure, TheBloodflowers2000CD 
D.R.I.4 Of a Kind1988CD 
D.R.I.Thrash Zone1989LP 
D.R.I.Thrash Zone1989CD 
DarkspaceDarkspace I2003CD 
Dead CrossDead Cross2017CD 
Death By Snoo SnooTästä saat!2012CD 
Deathspell OmegaSi Monumentum Requires, Circumspice2004CD 
Depeche ModeTouring The Angel20062DVD 
DescendentsCool To Be You2004CD 
DescendentsFilmage: The Story of Descendents/All2013DVD 
DescendentsHypercaffium Spazzinate + Bonus Elements2016CD 
Descendents9th & Walnut2021CD 
dEUSIn a Bar, Under the Sea1996CD 
dEUSThe Ideal Crash1999CD 
Dickinson, BruceAnthology20063DVD 
Dire StraitsMaking Movies1980LP 
Dire StraitsOn Every Street1991LP 
Disco EnsembleViper Ethics2003CD 
Disco EnsembleFirst Aid Kit2005CD 
Down By Laws/t1991CD 
Down By LawBlue1992CD 
Down By LawPunkrockacademyfightsong1994CD 
Down By LawAll Scratched Up!1996CD 
Dr. Living Dead!Radioactive Intervention2012CD 
Dr. Living Dead!Crush The Sublime Gods2015CD 
Drive Like JehuDrive Like Jehu1991CD 
EditorsThe Back Room2005CD 
EelsBeautiful Freak1996CD 
EelsElectro-Shock Blues1998CD 
EelsDaisies Of The Galaxy2000CD 
EelsBlinking Lights And Other Revelations20052CD 
EelsLive At Town Hall2006DVD 
EelsLive And In Person! London 20062008CD+DVD 
EmperorIn The Nightside Eclipse1994CD 
EmperorAnthems To The Welkin At Dusk1997CD 
EmperorIX Equilibrium1999CD 
EmperorEmperor / Wrath of the Tyrant2017CD 
EndstandNever Fall Into Silence2002CD 
EndstandThe Time Is Now2006CD 
Eppu NormaaliElävänä Euroopassa1980CD 
Eppu NormaaliMutala20112CD 
EuropeOut Of This World1988LP 
ExodusTempo Of the Damned / Shovel Headed Kill Machine20052CD 
Explosions in the SkyThose Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Sha2001CD
Faith No MoreIntroduce Yourself1987CD 
Faith No MoreThe Real Thing1989CD 
Faith No MoreAngel Dust1992CD 
Faith No MoreKing For a Day...Fool For a Lifetime1995CD 
Faith No MoreAlbum Of The Year1997CD 
Faith No MoreSol Invictus2015CD 
FantōmasSuspended Animation2005CD
FenThe Dead Light2019CD 
Foo FightersS/t1995CD 
Foo FightersEverywhere But Home2003DVD 
Foo FightersIn Your Honour20052CD 
Foo FightersSkin And Bones2006DVD 
Forgotten TombSongs To Leave2002CD 
Forgotten TombSpringtime Depression2003CD 
Forgotten TombNegative Megalomania2007CD 
Forgotten TombObscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years2007CD 
FugaziEnd Hits1998CD 
FugaziThe Argument2001CD 
Fun Lovin' Criminals100% Colombian1998CD 
GallhammerGloomy Lights2004CD 
GallhammerIll Innocence2007CD 
GallhammerRuin Of a Church2008DVD 
GallowsGrey Britain2009CD 
GallowsDesolation Sounds2015CD 
Gathering, TheSleepy Buildings - A Semiacoustinc Live2004CD 
Gilmour, DavidIn Concert2002DVD 
Gilmour, DavidOn An Island2006CD 
GoatwhoreVengeful Ascension2017CD 
God Is An AstronautThe End of the Beginning2002CD 
God Is An AstronautAll Is Violent, All Is Bright2004CD 
God Is An AstronautFar From Refuge2007CD 
Godspeed You! Black EmperorF♯A♯∞1998CD 
Godspeed You! Black EmperorLift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven2000CD 
Godspeed You! Black EmperorYanqui U.X.O.2002CD 
Godspeed You! Black Emperor'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!2012CD 
Godspeed You! Black Emperor'Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress'2015CD 
Godspeed You! Black EmperorLuciferian Towers2017CD 
Good RiddanceA Comprehensive Guide To Modern Rebellion1996CD 
Graffin, GregCold As The Clay2006CD 
Green Day1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours1991CD 
Green DayKerplunk1992CD 
Green DayDookie1994CD 
Guns N' RosesLies1988LP 
Guns N' RosesUse Your Illusion I19912LP 
Guns N' RosesUse Your Illusion II19912LP 
Guns N' RosesThe Spaghetti Incident1993LP 
Harrybu McCages/t2008CD 
Haunted, Thes/t1998CD 
Haunted, TheMade Me Do It2000CD 
Haunted, TheCaught On Tape2002DVD 
Haunted, TheOne Kill Wonder2002CD 
Haunted, TherEVOLVEr2004CD 
Haunted, TheThe Dead Eye2006CD 
Haunted, TheVersus2008CD 
Haunted, TheUnseen2011CD 
Haunted, TheExit Wounds2014CD 
HelloweenLive In The U.K.1989LP 
HelloweenPumpkin Tracks1990LP 
HelloweenPink Bubbles Go Ape1991LP 
Hendrix, JimiAre You Experienced?1967CD 
Hendrix, JimiAxis: Bold As Love1967CD 
Hendrix, JimiElectric Ladyland1968CD 
Hendrix, JimiFirst Rays Of The New Rising Sun1997CD 
Hot Kommunist21. Sajandi Kodu2015CD 
HuoraHukutaan paskaan2017CD 
HäirikötIskee kuin miljoona volttia1992LP 
HäirikötStydiä Staffia1995CD 
I Walk The LineBadlands2004CD 
I Walk the LineBlack Wave Rising2008CD 
In FlamesWhoracle1997CD 
In FlamesColony1999CD 
In FlamesClayman2000CD 
Iron MaidenPiece Of Mind1983LP 
Iron MaidenPowerslave1984LP 
Iron MaidenFear Of The Dark19922LP 
Iron MaidenA Real Dead One1993LP 
Iron MaidenPart 1: The Early Days20042DVD 
Iron MaidenFlight 6662009DVD 
IsisThe Red Sea1999CDEP 
IsisIn The Absence Of Truth2006CD 
IsisWavering Radiant2009CD 
Isis + AereogrammeIn The Fishtank2006CD 
J.M.K.EKülmale Maale1989LP 
J.M.K.EGringode Kultuur1993CD 
J.M.K.EJäneste Invasioon1996CD 
J.M.K.E.Ainult Planeet2002CD 
Jane Doe 69Snakeskin2000CDEP 
Jane Doe 69Solid2001CDEP 
JesuEvery Day I Get Closer to the Light from Which I Came2013CD 
Jethro TullAqualung1971CD 
Jimmy Eat WorldClarity1999CD 
Joe Strummer & The MescalerosGlobal a Go-Go2001CD 
Joe Strummer & The MescalerosStreetcore2003CD 
Johnny SuperheroFinally Nowhere2006CD 
Joy DivisionCloser1980CD 
Joy DivisionPermanent1995CD 
Karjalainen, JElectric Sauna1996CD 
KatatoniaBrave Murder Day1996CD 
KatatoniaDiscouraged Ones1998CD 
KatatoniaTonight's Decision1999CD 
KatatoniaLast Fair Deal Gone Down2001CD 
KatatoniaViva Emptiness2003CD 
KatatoniaThe Great Cold Distance2006CD 
KatatoniaNight Is The New Day2009CD 
KhomaThe Second Wave2006CD 
KhomaA Final Storm2010CD 
KhorsReturn To Abandoned2010CD 
Killswitch EngageThe End Of Heartache2004CD 
Killswitch Engage(Set This) World Ablaze2005DVD 
Kimmo Kuusniemi BandMoottorilinnut1982CD 
King CrimsonRed1974CD
KT TunstallTiger Suit2010CD 
LantlōsMelting sun2014CD 
Lapin HelvettiLapin Helvetti2017CD 
Lapinlahden LinnutGrrr!1992LP 
Last Action HeroSoundtrack1993LP 
Leskinen, JuiceKeskitysleirin Ruokavalio1976LP 
Leskinen, JuiceSinglet 1974-761976LP 
Leskinen, JuiceDokumentti1981LP 
Leskinen, Juice Grand SlamYölento19862LP 
Leskinen, Juice Grand SlamTaivaan Kappaleita1991LP 
Leskinen, Juice SlamTauko II1979LP 
Leskinen, Juice SlamXV Yö (tauko iii)1980LP 
Leskinen, Juice SlamAjan Henki1981LP 
Lokalmatadore, DieArme Armee1992CD 
Luonteri SurfSavo1993CD 
Machine HeadThe More Things Change...1997CD 
Machine HeadThrough The Ashes Of Empires2003CD 
Mad CaddiesDuck and Cover1998CD 
Mad SeasonAbove1995CD 
Maj Karman Kauniit KuvatKaakao1998CD 
Maj Karman Kauniit KuvatÄäri2000CD 
Maj Karman Kauniit KuvatRautaneito2001CD 
Maj Karman Kauniit KuvatMetallisydän2003CD 
Mana ManaComplete... Kaikki1996CD 
Manifesto JukeboxRemedy2002CD 
Manifesto JukeboxStrain2006CD 
Mars Volta, TheDe-Loused In The Comatorium2003CD 
Mars Volta, TheFrances The Mute2005CD 
MastodonBlood Mountain2006CD 
MastodonCall Of The Mastodon2006CD 
MastodonCrack The Skye2009CD 
MastodonThe Hunter2011CD+DVD 
MastodonOnce More 'Round The Sun2014CD 
MastodonCold Dark Place2017CD 
MastodonHushed And Grim20212CD 
MegadethSo Far, So Good... So What!1988LP 
MegadethRust In Peace1990LP 
MegadethCountdown To Extinction1992LP 
MegadethThat One Night2007DVD 
MetallicaRide The Lightning1984LP 
MetallicaMaster Of Puppets1986LP 
Metallica...And Justice For All19882LP 
MetallicaGarage Complete1993CD
MetallicaSt. Anger2003CD+DVD 
MetallicaDeath Magnetic2008CD 
MewAnd The Glass Handed Kites2005CD 
MillencolinUse Your Nose1993CDEP 
MillencolinTiny Tunes1994CD 
MillencolinLife On A Plate1995CD 
MillencolinFor Monkeys1997CD 
MillencolinPennybridge Pioneers2000CD 
MogwaiCome On Die Young1999CD 
MogwaiRock Action2001CD 
MogwaiHappy Songs For Happy People2003CD
MogwaiMr Beast2006CD 
MokomaMokoman 120 päivää2001CD 
MokomaMäntit tien päällä2004DVD 
MokomaTämän maailman ruhtinaan hovi2004CD 
MokomaKuoleman laulukunnaat2006CD 
MoonscapeStrange Things2000CDEP 
Moore, GaryWild Frontier1987LP 
Morbid AngelAltars Of Madness1989CD 
Morbid AngelAbominations of Desolation1991CD 
Morbid AngelBlessed Are The Sick1991CD 
Morbid AngelCovenant1993CD 
Morbid AngelDomination1995CD 
Morbid AngelFormulas Fatal To The Flesh1998CD 
Mr. BungleMr. Bungle1991CD 
Mr. BungleCalifornia1999CD 
Mr. BungleThe Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo2020CD 
Mr. T Experience, TheLove Is Dead1995CD 
Mr. T Experience, TheRevenge Is Sweet And So Are You1997CD 
Municipal WasteHazardous Mutation2005CD 
Municipal WasteSlime and Punishment2017CD 
Mötley CrüeGirls Girls Girls1987LP 
Napalm DeathScum1987CD 
Napalm DeathHarmony Corruption1990CD 
Napalm DeathEnemy of the Music Business2000CD
Napalm DeathOrder Of The Leech2002CD 
Napalm DeathTime Waits for No Slave2009CD 
Napalm DeathUtilitarian2012CD 
Napalm DeathThroes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism2020CD 
Napalm DeathResentment is Always Seismic - A Final Throw of Throes2022CDEP 
National, TheBoxer2007CD 
NeurosisPain Of Mind1987CD 
NeurosisThe Word as Law1990CD 
NeurosisSouls At Zero1992CD 
NeurosisEnemy of the Sun1993CD 
NeurosisThrough Silver in Blood1996CD 
NeurosisTimes Of Grace1999CD 
NeurosisA Sun That Never Sets2001CD 
NeurosisThe Eye Of Every Storm2004CD 
NeurosisGiven To The Rising2007CD 
NeurosisHonour Found In Decay2012CD 
NeurosisFires Within Fires2016CD 
Nightwatchman, TheOne Man Revolution2007CD 
Nightwatchman, TheThe Fabled City2008CD 
Nine Inch NailsThe Downward Spiral1994CD 
Nine Inch NailsThe Fragile19992CD 
Nine Inch NailsWith Teeth2005CD 
NirvanaComplete Cover Versions1992CD 
NirvanaIn Utero1993LP 
NirvanaLive! Tonight! Sold Out!2006DVD 
No Fun At AllNo Straight Angles1995CD 
No Fun At AllGrit2018CD 
No ShameSchpunk2000CD 
No ShameRebound For Glory20032CD 
No ShameWhite of Hope Turning Black2007CD 
No ShameIroning Day2010CD 
No Use For A NameThe Daily Grind1994CD 
No Use For A NameLeche Con Carne1995CD 
NofxLiberal animation1988CD 
NofxS&M Airlines1989CD 
NofxThe Longest Line1992CDEP 
NofxWhite Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean1992CD 
NofxPunk In Drublic1994CD 
NofxHeavy Petting Zoo1996CD 
NofxSo Long And Thanks For All The Shoes1997CD 
NofxPump Up The Valuum2000CD 
Nofx45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Reco20012CD 
NofxThe War On Errorism2003CD 
NofxWolves In Wolves' Clothing2006CD 
NofxSelf Entitled2012CD 
NofxSingle Album2021CD 
Nokturnal MortumГолос Стал2009CD 
NomeansnoThe Day Everything Became Isolated And Destroyed1988CD
NomeansnoLive And Cuddly1991CD 
NomeansnoWhy Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?1993CD 
NomeansnoThe Worldhood Of The World (As Such)1995CD 
NomeansnoDance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie1998CD 
NomeansnoThe People's Choice2003CD 
NomeansnoAll Roads Lead To Ausfahrt2006CD 
Nomeansno / Hanson BrothersWould We Be...Live?2002DVD 
Nuclear AssaultThe Plague1987LP 
OceansizeEveryone Into Position2005CD 
OceansizeHome & Minor2009CDEP 
OceansizeSelf Preserved While The Bodies Float Up2010CD 
Offspring, TheIgnition1992CD 
Offspring, TheSmash1994CD 
OkkultokratiNo Light For Mass2010CD 
OlotilaOY Imatran Voima EP19957" 
Only CrimeTo The Nines2004CD 
Only CrimeVirulence2007CD 
Only CrimePursuance2014CD 
Operation IVYEnergy1989CD 
OpethMy Arms, Your Hearse1997CD 
OpethStill Life1999CD 
OpethBlackwater Park2001CD 
OpethGhost Reveries2005CD 
OpethCandlelight Years2008CD 
Pansy DivisionDeflowered1994CD 
PanteraCowboys From Hell1990CD 
PanteraVulgar Display Of Power1992CD 
PanteraFar Beyond Driven1994CD 
PanteraI'm Broken / Slaughtered1994CDS 
PanteraThe Great Southern Trendkill1996CD 
Paradise LostIcon1993CD 
PavementSlanted & Enchanted1992CD 
Pearl JamTen1992CD 
Pearl JamVs1993CD 
Pearl JamVitalogy1994CD 
Pearl JamNo Code1996CD 
Pearl JamSingle Video Theory1998DVD 
Pearl JamYield1998CD 
Pearl JamBinaural2000CD 
Pearl JamTouring Band 20002001DVD 
Pearl JamRiot Act2002CD 
Pearl JamLive At The Garden20032DVD 
Pearl JamLost Dogs2003CD 
Pearl Jams/t2006CD 
Pearl JamImmagine In Cornice2007DVD 
Pearl JamBackspacer2009CD 
Pearl JamIn Santiago2009DVD 
PennywiseUnknown Road1993CD 
PennywiseAbout Time1995CD 
Peste NoireFolkfuck Folie2007CD 
Petelius, Pirkka-PekkaPimpparauta1985LP 
Pink FloydThe Piper At The Gates Of Dawn1967CD 
Pink FloydA Saucerful Of Secrets1968CD 
Pink FloydMore1969CD 
Pink FloydUmmagumma19692CD 
Pink FloydAtom Heart Mother1970CD 
Pink FloydMeddle1971CD 
Pink FloydObscured By Clouds1972CD 
Pink FloydDark Side Of The Moon1973CD 
Pink FloydWish You Were Here1975CD 
Pink FloydAnimals1977CD 
Pink FloydThe Wall19792CD 
Pink FloydA Momentary Lapse Of Reason1987CD 
Pink FloydThe Division Bell1987CD 
Pink FloydThe Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story2001DVD 
Pink FloydClassic Albums: The Making Of The Dark Side Of The Moon2003DVD 
Pink FloydLive At Pompeii - The Director's Cut2003DVD 
Pink FloydPulse20062DVD 
Pink FloydThe Endless River2014CD 
Pink LincolnsV.M.L. Live19947" 
PlaceboSleeping With Ghosts2003CD 
Plutonium 74Pasilasta Kallioon2003CD 
Plutonium 74Peittoalueen ulkopuolella2008CD 
PMMPKuulkaas Live!2008DVD 
PoisonFlesh & Blood1990LP 
Porcupine TreeIn Absentia20022CD 
PrimordialSpirit The Earth Aflame2000CD 
PrimordialStorm Before Calm2002CD+DVD 
PrimordialThe Gathering Wilderness2005CD 
PrimordialTo The Nameless Dead2007CD 
PrimordialWhere Greater Men Have Fallen2014CD 
PrimordialExile Amongst The Ruins2018CD 
PropagandhiHow to Clean a Couple o' Things19937" 
PropagandhiHow To Clean Everything1993CD 
PropagandhiLess Talk, More Rock1996CD 
PropagandhiWhere Quantity Is Job #11999CD 
PropagandhiToday's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes2000CD 
PropagandhiPotemkin City Limits2005CD 
PropagandhiLive From Occupied Territory2007DVD 
PropagandhiSupporting Caste2009CD 
PropagandhiFailed States2012CD 
PropagandhiVictory Lap2017CD 
Queens Of The Stone AgeRated R2000CD 
Queens Of The Stone AgeSongs For The Deaf2002CD 
Queens Of The Stone AgeLullabies To Paralyze2005CD+DVD 
Queens of the Stone AgeEra Vulgaris2007CD 
Queers, TheGrow Up1990CD 
Queers, TheBeat Off1993CD 
Queers, TheMy Old Man's a Fatso19947" 
Queers, TheSuck This1994CD 
Queers, TheV.M.L. Live19957" 
Queers, TheLater Days And Better Lays1999CD 
RadioheadMy Iron Lung1994CDEP 
RadioheadKid A2000CD 
RadioheadI Might Be Wrong2001CDEP 
RadioheadHail To The Thief2003Muu
Rage Against The Machines/t1992CD 
Rage Against The MachineEvil Empire1996CD 
Rage Against The MachineThe Battle Of Mexico City2000DVD 
RancidLet's Go1994CD 
Rancid...And Out Come The Wolves1995CD 
Red Hot Chili PeppersMother's Milk1989CD 
Red Hot Chili PeppersBloodSugarSexMagik1991CD 
Red Hot Chili PeppersOne Hot Minute1995CD 
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication1999CD 
Red Hot Chili PeppersBy the Way2002CD 
RefusedSongs to Fan the Flames of Discontent1996CD 
RefusedThe Shape Of Punk To Come20102CD+DVD 
RiversideSecond Life Syndrome2005CD 
RiversideRapid Eye Movement20072CD 
Rotten SoundCursed2011CD 
Rotting ChristTriarchy Of The Lost Lovers1996CD 
Rotting ChristA Dead Poem1997CD 
Rotting ChristThe Mighty Contract1997CD 
Rotting ChristSleep Of The Angels1999CD 
Rotting ChristKhronos2000CD 
Rotting ChristGenesis2002CD 
Rotting ChristTheogonia2006CD+DVD 
Rotting ChristThe Heretics2019CD 
Ruger HauerUkraina2013CD 
RushPermanent Waves1980CD 
RushMoving Pictures1981CD 
RytmihäiriöSaatana on Herra2005CD 
Sage FrancisLi(f)e2010CD 
Sage FrancisCopper Gone2014CD 
SamiamI Am19897" 
Satanic SurfersKeep Out!1994CDEP 
ScorpionsCrazy World1990LP 
Screeching WeaselBoogadaBoogadaBoogada1988CD 
Screeching WeaselMy Brain Hurts1991CD 
Screeching WeaselWiggle1992CD 
Screeching WeaselAnthem For A New Tomorrow1993CD 
Screeching WeaselEmo1999CD 
Screeching WeaselTeen Punks In Heat2000CD 
Screeching WeaselThank You Very Little20002CD 
SentencedShadows Of The Past20082CD 
SepulturaBeneath The Remains1989CD 
SepulturaChaos A.D.1993CD 
Sielun VeljetLapset1983CD 
Sielun VeljetHei soturit1984CD 
Sielun VeljetSuomi – Finland1988CD 
Sigur RósĮgętis byrjun1999CD 
SithlordThe Return To Godless Times2002CD 
SkeletonwitchBeyond The Permafrost2007CD 
SkeletonwitchForever Abomination2011CD 
SkeletonwitchSerpents Unleashed2013CD 
SkeletonwitchDevouring Radiant Light2018CD 
SlayerShow No Mercy1983CD 
SlayerLive Undead1984LP 
SlayerHell Awaits1985CD 
SlayerReign In Blood1986CD 
SlayerSouth Of Heaven1988CD 
SlayerSeasons In The Abyss1990CD 
SlayerDecade Of Aggression19912CD 
SlayerDivine Intervention1994CD 
SlayerGod Hates Us All2001CD 
SlayerWar At The Warfield2003DVD 
SlayerSill Reigning2004DVD 
SlayerChrist Illusion2006CD 
SlayerWorld Painted Blood2009CD 
Smashing Pumpkins, TheRotten Apples20012CD 
Snake RanchCause We're In a Band19907" 
SNFUSomething Green And Leafy This Way Comes1993CD 
SólstafirĶ Blóši og Anda2002CD 
SólstafirMasterpiece of Bitterness2005CD 
SólstafirSvartir Sandar2012CD 
Sonic YouthWashing Machine1995CD 
Sonic YouthMurray Street2002CD 
SoundgardenUltramega OK1988CD 
SoundgardenLouder Than Love1989CD 
SoundgardenDown On The Upside1996CD 
SoundgardenKing Animal2012CD 
Soundtrack / Fat MikeRubber Bordello2012CD 
Soviet SovietEndless2016CD 
SpartaWiretap Scars2002CD 
StinkI Don't Want Anything That You've Got19957" 
StoneNo Anaesthesia!1989CD 
StoneGet Stoned, Stay Stoned2007DVD 
System Of a Downs/t1998CD 
System Of a DownToxicity2001CD 
System Of a DownMezmerize2005CD 
Temple Of The Dogs/t1991CD 
Ten Foot PoleUnleashed1997CD 
Ten Foot PoleBad Mother Trucker2002CD 
Therapy?Pleasure Death1992CD 
Therapy?Infernal Love1995CD 
Therapy?High Anxiety2003CD 
Therapy?Never Apologise Never Explain2004CD 
Therapy?One Cure Fits All2006CD 
Therapy?Crooked Timber2009CD 
Therapy?We're Here to the End20102CD 
Therapy?A Brief Crack Of Light2012CD 
Therapy?Greatest Hits (The Abbey Road Session)20202CD 
They Might Be GiantsThen: The Earlier Years19972CD 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausLopunajan Merkit1999CD 
TombsWinter Hours2009CD 
TombsFear Is The Weapon2010CD 
TombsPath Of Totality2011CD 
TombsSavage Gold2014CD 
TombsThe Grand Annihilation2017CD 
TombsUnder Sullen Skies2020CD 
TonyAllNew Girl, Old Story1991CD
Tool10,000 Days2006CD 
Toxic HolocaustAn Overdose of Death...2008CD 
TriptykonMelana Chasmata2014CD 
TryerSamaa tarinaa2017CD 
TryerEi kuole koskaan2019CD 
TulusBiography Obscene2007CD 
TuvaluMitä muut ajattelevat sinusta?2004CDEP 
TuvaluPimeä saartaa meitä!2005CD 
Twisted SisterCome Out And Play1985LP 
Twisted SisterLove Is For Suckers1987LP 
VaderImpressions in Blood2006CD 
VermivoreZero Vector2012CDEP 
Vindictives, TheLeave Home1994CD
Vindictives, TheRocks In My Head19947" 
Vindictives, TheAlarm Clocks19957" 
Vindictives, TheParty Time For Assholes1996CD 
Von Hertzen BrothersExperience2001CD 
Von Hertzen BrothersApproach2006CD 
Von Till, SteveAs the Crow Flies2000CD 
Von Till, SteveA Grave Is a Grim Horse2008CD 
Von Till, SteveA Life Unto Itself2015CD 
Voodoo Glow SkullsWho Is, This Is?1993CD 
Voodoo Glow SkullsFirme1995CD 
Voodoo Glow SkullsSymbolic2000CD 
W.A.S.P.The Last Command1985LP 
Wagner, Mirels/t2011CD 
Wagner, MirelWhen The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day2014CD 
Waits, TomBeautiful Maladies1998CD 
Waits, TomBlood Money2002CD 
WastedSuppress & Restrain2000CD 
WastedHeroes Amongst Thieves2004CD 
WastedOutsider By Choice2011CD
WastedThe Early Years2012CD 
WastedHere Comes The Darkness2013CD 
WastedModern Lie2022CD 
WatainRabid Death's Curse2000CD 
Waters, RogerThe Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking1984CD 
Weasel, BenFidatevi2002CD 
WeezerBlue Album1994CD 
WeezerGreen Album2001CD 
WhitesnakeSlip Of The Tongue1989LP 
WolfmotherPlease Experience Wolfmother Live2007DVD 
WolfmotherCosmic Egg2009CD 
YleislakkoMaailmanpolitiikan arkipäivää2012CD 
YleislakkoHyvästi kauniit poutapäivät2017CD 
Yorke, ThomThe Eraser2006CD 
Young, NeilHarvest1972CD 
Young, NeilLive At The Massey Hall 19712007CD+DVD 
Young, NeilJourneys2013DVD 
YUPHomo Sapiens1994CD 
YUPToppatakkeja ja Toledon terästä1994CD 
YUPNormaalien Maihinnousu1999CD 
YUPLauluja Metsästä2001CD 
YUPHelppoa Katseltavaa2004DVD 
Zero VerdictWalk Tall2015CD 


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