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Cale, J.J.Naturally1971LP 
Cale, J.J.Okie1974LP 
Cale, J.J.Troubadour1976LP 
CalexicoBlack Light1998LP 
CalexicoFeast Of Wire2003LP 
CalexicoCarried To Dust2008LP 
CalexicoThe Thread That Keeps Us20182LP
CanTago Mago19712LP 
Captain BeefheartSafe As Milk1967CD 
Captain BeefheartTrout Mask Replica1969CD 
Cars, TheThe Cars1978CD 
Cars, TheThe Cars1978LP 
Cars, TheCandy-O1979CD 
Cars, ThePanorama1980CD 
Cars, TheShake It Up1981CD 
Cars, TheHeartbeat City1984CD 
Cars, TheHeartbeat City1984LP 
Cash, JohnnyAt Folsom Prison1968LP 
Cash, JohnnyAt San Quentin1969LP 
Cash, JohnnyAmerican Recordings1994CD 
Cash, JohnnyThe Man In Black - The Definitive Collection1994CD 
Cash, JohnnyAmerican II: Unchained1996CD 
Cash, JohnnyAmerican III: Solitary Man2000CD 
Cash, JohnnyAmerican IV: The Man Comes Around2002CD 
Cash, JohnnyAt Folsom Prison & At San Quentin20022CD 
Cash, JohnnyKindred Spirits: A Tribute To The Songs Of Johnny Cash2002CD 
Cash, JohnnyAmerican V: A Hundred Highways2006CD 
Cash, JohnnyAmerican VI: Ain't No Grave2010CD 
Cash, RosanneThe List2009CD 
Cash, RosanneThe Essential20112CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsFrom Her To Eternity1984CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsThe Firstborn Is Dead1985CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsYour Funeral My Trial1986CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsTender Prey1988LP 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsThe Good Son1990LP 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsHenry's Dream1992LP 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsLet Love In1994LP 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsMurder Ballads1996CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsThe Boatman's Call1997CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsNo More Shall We Part2001CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsNocturama2003CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsAbbatoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus20042CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsThe Road To God Knows Where / Live At The Paradiso2006DVD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsAnimal X20137"
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsLive From KCRW20132LP 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsPush The Sky Away2013LP
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsSkeleton Tree2016LP 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsOne More Time With Feeling2017Blu-ray
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsGhosteen20192LP 
Charles, RayThe Great Ray Charles1957CD 
Charles, RayRay Charles At Newport1958CD 
Charles, RayThe Genius Of Ray Charles1959CD 
Charles, RayThe Genius After Hours1961CD 
Charles, RayThe Genius Sings The Blues1961CD 
Charles, RayDefinitive Ray Charles20012CD 
Cheap TrickIn Color1977LP 
Cheap TrickHeaven Tonight1978LP 
Cheap TrickAt Budokan1979LP
Cheap TrickDream Police1979LP 
Cheap TrickThe Flame19887"
Cheap TrickAt Budokan: The Complete Concert19982CD 
Cheap TrickSilver2001DVD 
Chemical Brothers, TheDig Your Own Hole1997CD 
CherWe All Sleep Alone19887" 
ChicC'est Chic1978LP 
ChicagoChicago Transit Authority19692LP 
Children Of BodomHatebreeder1999CD 
Children Of BodomFollow The Reaper2001CD
Church, TheStarfish1988LP 
CinderellaNight Songs1986LP 
CinderellaLong Cold Winter1988LP 
CinderellaThe Mercury Years20185CD 
Clapton, EricEric Clapton1970LP
Clapton, EricEric Clapton's Rainbow Concert1973LP 
Clapton, Eric461 Ocean Boulevard1974LP 
Clapton, EricE.C. Was Here1975LP 
Clapton, EricThere Is One In Every Crowd1975LP 
Clapton, EricNo Reason To Cry1976LP 
Clapton, EricSlowhand1977LP 
Clapton, EricBackless1978LP 
Clapton, EricJust One Night19802LP 
Clapton, EricAnother Ticket1981LP 
Clapton, EricMoney And Cigarettes1983LP 
Clapton, EricTime Pieces Vol. ll - Live In The Seventies1983CD 
Clapton, EricBehind The Sun1985LP 
Clapton, EricAugust1986LP 
Clapton, EricEric Clapton & Friends: Live 19861986DVD 
Clapton, EricJourneyman1989LP 
Clapton, Eric24 Nights19912LP 
Clapton, Eric24 Nights1991DVD 
Clapton, EricUnplugged1992LP 
Clapton, EricFrom The Cradle1994CD 
Clapton, EricCrossroads Guitar Festival 20102010Blu-ray
Clapton, EricPlanes, Trains And Eric2014Blu-ray 
Clapton, EricSlowhand At 70: Live At The Royal Albert Hall2015Blu-ray 
Clapton, Eric & FriendsThe Breeze: An Appreciation Of JJ Cale2014CD 
Clark, GeneWhite Light1971LP 
Clark, GeneNo Other1974LP 
Clark, GuyOld No. 1 / Texas Cookin'2001CD 
Clarke, StanleySchool Days1976CD 
Clash, TheThe Clash1977CD
Clash, TheGive 'Em Enough Rope1978LP 
Clash, TheLondon Calling19792LP 
Clash, TheCombat Rock1982CD
Clemons, ClarenceHero1985LP 
Clemons, ClarenceA Night With Mr. C1989LP 
Clemons, Clarence & The Redbank RockersRescue1983LP 
Clemons, Clarence & The Redbank RockersSavin' Up19837"
Clemons, Clarence And Jackson BrowneYou're A Friend Of Mine19857" 
Clemons, JakeEmbracing Light2013CDEP 
Cliff, JimmyThe Harder They Come (Original Soundtrack Recording)1972LP 
CMXCloaca Maxima19973CD 
CMXCloaca Maxima II20043CD 
Cobham, BillySpectrum1973LP 
Cochran, EddieBest Of2004CD 
Cocker, JoeWith A Little Help From My Friends1969LP 
Cocker, JoeMad Dogs & Englishmen19702LP
Cohen, LeonardThe Songs Of Leonard Cohen1967LP 
Cohen, LeonardSongs From A Room1969LP 
Cohen, LeonardSongs Of Love And Hate1971LP 
Cohen, LeonardNew Skin For The Old Ceremony1974LP 
Cohen, LeonardDeath Of A Ladies' Man1977LP 
Cohen, LeonardRecent Songs1979LP 
Cohen, LeonardVarious Positions1984LP 
Cohen, LeonardCompilation1988MC 
Cohen, LeonardI'm Your Man1988LP 
Cohen, LeonardThe Future1992CD 
Cohen, LeonardTen New Songs2001CD 
Cohen, LeonardLive In London2010DVD 
Cohen, LeonardSongs From The Road2010CD+DVD 
Cohen, LeonardLive In Fredericton EP201212"
Cohen, LeonardOld Ideas2012CD 
Cohen, LeonardLive In Dublin2014Blu-ray 
Cohen, LeonardPopular Problems2014LP
Cohen, LeonardYou Want It Darker2016LP 
ColdplayA Rush Of Blood To The Head2002CD 
ColdplayLive 20032003CD+DVD 
ColdplayViva La Vida / Prospekt's March Edition20082CD
ColdplayLive 20122012Blu-ray+
Coleman, OrnetteThe Shape Of Jazz To Come1959CD
Collins, PhilFace Value1981LP 
Collins, PhilNo Jacket Required1985LP 
Collins, PhilBoth Sides1993MC 
Coltrane, JohnGiant Steps1959CD
Coltrane, JohnA Love Supreme19652CD
Cooke, Same.p.19807" 
Cooke, SamLive At The Harlem Square Club, 19631985LP 
Cooper, AlicePretties For You1969LP
Cooper, AliceEasy Action1970LP
Cooper, AliceKiller1971LP
Cooper, AliceLove It To Death1971LP
Cooper, AliceLove It To Death1971LP
Cooper, AliceElected19727" 
Cooper, AliceSchool's Out1972LP
Cooper, AliceBillion Dollar Babies1973LP
Cooper, AliceMuscle Of Love1973LP
Cooper, AliceSlick Black Limousine19737"
Cooper, AliceGreatest Hits1974LP 
Cooper, AliceWelcome To My Nightmare1975DVD 
Cooper, AliceWelcome To My Nightmare1975LP
Cooper, AliceGoes To Hell1976LP 
Cooper, AliceLace And Whiskey1977LP 
Cooper, AliceThe Alice Cooper Show1977LP 
Cooper, AliceFrom The Inside1978LP
Cooper, AliceThe Strange Case Of Alice Cooper: Live 19791979DVD 
Cooper, AliceClones (We're All)19807" 
Cooper, AliceFlush The Fashion1980LP 
Cooper, AliceSpecial Forces1981LP
Cooper, AliceFor Britain Only198212" 
Cooper, AliceZipper Catches Skin1982LP 
Cooper, AliceDaDa1983LP 
Cooper, AliceConstrictor1986LP 
Cooper, AliceHe's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)198612" 
Cooper, AliceTeenage Frankestein19867"
Cooper, AliceRaise Your Fist And Yell1987LP 
Cooper, AliceThe Nightmare Returns1987DVD 
Cooper, AliceBed Of Nails198912"
Cooper, AlicePoison19897" 
Cooper, AliceTrash1989LP 
Cooper, AliceTrashes The World1990DVD 
Cooper, AliceHey Stoopid1991LP 
Cooper, AliceLost In America199412"
Cooper, AliceThe Last Tempation1994LP 
Cooper, AliceClassicks1995CD 
Cooper, AliceHumanary Stew - Tribute To Alice Cooper1999CD 
Cooper, AliceThe Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper19994CD 
Cooper, AliceBrutal Planet2000CD 
Cooper, AliceBrutal Planet2000LP 
Cooper, AliceBrutally Live2000DVD 
Cooper, AliceBillion Dollar Babies Deluxe Edition20012CD
Cooper, AliceDragontown2001CD 
Cooper, AlicePrime Cuts2001DVD 
Cooper, AliceThe Eyes Of Alice Cooper2003LP
Cooper, AliceDirty Diamonds2005CD 
Cooper, AliceGood To See You Again, Alice Cooper2005DVD 
Cooper, AliceLive At Cabo Wabo 962005CD 
Cooper, AliceLive At Montreux 20052006CD+DVD 
Cooper, AliceAlong Came A Spider2008CD
Cooper, AliceTheatre Of Death2010Blu-ray 
Cooper, AliceI'll Bite Your Face Off20117"
Cooper, AliceOld School: 1964-19742011Muu
Cooper, AliceWelcome 2 My Nightmare2011CD
Cooper, AliceOriginal Album Series Vol. 120125CD 
Cooper, AliceSuper Duper Alice Cooper2014Blu-ray 
Cooper, AliceSupermensch: The Legend Of Shep Gordon2014DVD 
Cooper, AliceOriginal Album Series Vol. 220165CD 
Cooper, AliceParanormal20172LP
Cooper, AliceA Paranormal Evening With Alice Cooper At The Olympia Paris20182LP
Cooper, AliceThe Breadcrumbs EP201910" 
Cooper, AliceDon't Give Up20207" 
Cooper, AliceDetroit Stories2021Muu
Cooper, AliceRoad2023CD+DVD
Costello, ElvisMy Aim Is True1977LP 
Costello, ElvisThis Year's Model1978LP 
Costello, ElvisArmed Forces1979LP 
Costello, ElvisGet Happy!!1980LP 
Costello, ElvisImperial Bedroom1982LP 
Costello, ElvisPunch The Clock1983LP 
Costello, ElvisSpike1989CD 
Costello, ElvisMighty Like A Rose1991CD 
Costello, ElvisBrutal Youth1994CD 
Costello, ElvisKojak Variety1995CD 
Costello, ElvisAll This Useless Beauty1996CD 
Costello, ElvisSpectacle: Elvis Costello With... Season 22011Blu-ray
Crazy HorseCrazy Horse1971CD 
Crazy HorseCrazy Horse1971LP 
Crazy HorseAt Crooked Lake1972LP 
Crazy HorseCrazy Moon1978CD 
Crazy HorseCrazy Moon1978LP 
CreamFresh Cream1966LP 
CreamDisraeli Gears1967LP 
CreamWheels Of Fire19682LP 
CreamLive Cream Vol. 11970CD
CreamLive Cream Vol. 21972CD
CreamRoyal Albert Hall: London May 2-3-5-6 200520052DVD 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival1968LP 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalBayou Country1969LP 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalGreen River1969LP 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalWilly And The Poor Boys1969LP 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCosmo's Factory1970CD
Creedence Clearwater RevivalPendulum1970LP 
Crosby & NashGraham Nash/David Crosby1972CD
Crosby & NashWind On The Water1975CD 
Crosby, Bing et. al.Christmas Album2000CD 
Crosby, DavidIf I Could Only Remember My Name1971LP 
Crosby, Stills & NashCrosby, Stills & Nash1969LP 
Crosby, Stills & NashCSN1977LP 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDeja Vu1970CD 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDeja Vu1970LP
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDeja Vu1970LP
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDeja Vu19704CD
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young4 Way Street19712CD 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young4 Way Street19712LP 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungSo Far1974LP 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungAmerican Dream1988MC 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungAmerican Dream1988LP 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungLooking Forward1999CD 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDeja Vu2008DVD 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungCSNY 19742014Blu-ray+
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDeja Vu Alternates2021LP 
Crow, SherylTuesday Night Music Club1993CD 
Crow, SherylThe Globe Sessions1998CD 
Crowded HouseCrowded House1986LP 
Crowded HouseTemple Of Low Men1988LP 
Crowded HouseWoodface1991LP 
Crowded HouseTogether Alone1993CD 
Cult, TheLove1985LP 
Cult, TheElectric1987LP 
Cult, TheSonic Temple1989LP 
Cult, TheBeyond Good And Evil2001CD 
Cult, TheLive Cult2001DVD 
Cure, TheBoys Don't Cry1980LP 
Cure, TheSeventeen Seconds1980LP 
Cure, TheFaith1981LP 
Cure, ThePornography1982LP 
Cure, TheJapanese Whispers1983LP 
Cure, TheThe Head On The Door1985LP 
Cure, TheKiss Me, Kiss Me, kiss Me19872LP 
Cure, TheDisintegration19892LP 
Cure, TheDisintegration1989LP 
Cure, TheDisintegration (Deluxe Edition)19893CD 
Cure, TheWish1992CD 
Cure, TheTrilogy - Live In The Tempodrom Berlin November 20022003Blu-ray 
Cure, The40 Live (Curætion-25 + Anniversary)2019Blu-ray


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