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Alue:Kitarat: soittaminen
Aihe:rajumpaa kamaa ilman plektraa (fingerpicking)
Aika:29.04.2011 14:10
Spike: Deep Purplen riffit toimii kans hyvin sormilla soitettuna.
Jes, ja osa niistä suorastaa *kuuluu* soittaa sormilla.
GW: I've noticed that your rhythm parts aren't always played with a pick.
BLACKMORE: That's from being lazy. It's like Jeff Beck - when he can't find a pick, he just plays with his fingers. You know how it is. You're watching television and you can't find a pick, so you just play with your fingers.
Even on something as simple as the riff to "Smoke On The Water," you'd be surprised how many people play that with down strokes, which makes a world of difference. Otherwise, you're just hitting the tonic before the fifth.
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