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Alue:Kitarat: kitarakamat
Aihe:From France, looking for tonewood
Aika:14.02.2011 13:25
From the links above, for example Puukeskus is just a generic dealer of wood materials. They are not experts in materials for musical instruments, and most likely they are not really interested in hand selecting the kind of wood you want. You may have better luck if you have a chance to visit their shop, but even in this case it is not easy to get figured arctic birch, since it's not a common material even here in Finland.
Have you read what Juha Ruokangas writes about the wood:
Juha says that he is personally involved in the process of selecting arctic birch while the trees are still standing in forest.
It seems that it would be very difficult if not impossible to get high quality arctic birch from wood suppliers. Maybe Ruokangas might sell some, but it won't be cheap.
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