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Aihe:Sentiment uutisia
Aika:07.10.2007 18:16
Sentiment on saanut levynsä valmiiksi ja myöskin uusi myspace-sivusto kahdella kokonaisella levyn kappaleella( on toiminnassa.
Bändin sivuilla ( voi käydä kuuntelemassa klippejä.
From Here To Ever After... Sentiment was formed in 1996, by Jami (drums) and Toni (guitar) Huovinen. At first the band started with a progressive angle, but soon changed their style into more straight forward, melodic metal. The current line up was reached after countless member changes. Michael Henneken (ex- Silent Voices, vocals) joined forces with the Huovinen brothers in 2004 and it was then that they recorded the Breaking the Chains-promo. Ville Terämä (bass) joined the band soon after and they started to write new material. Kari Tornack (ex-Thunderstone, ex-Tunnelvision, ex-Mannerheim, keyboards) decided to join the band in the summer of 2007, after promising to handle live shows in 2005 for as long as Sentiment finds a permanent replacement for their previous keyboardist. The band has opened shows to bands like Stratovarius, Kotipelto, Teräsbetoni and Kilpi. Sentiment started the recordings of their first album, From Here To Ever After, in December of 2005 after deciding to finance it their selves, due to the poor contracts offered by many record labels. With connections to the Helsinki's metal scene, they managed to get Jens Johansson (Stratovarius, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-David Lee Roth, ex-Dio) to contribute a solo to the album and the bands close friend Tero Mc Spain Kostermaa to record and to co-produce it. Also Timo Kotipelto, Pasi Rantanen, Jarkko Ahola, Sami Virtanen, Pasi Nykänen and Thomas Nystrand have contributed to build this album. Sentiment is currently looking for a record label and distribution deals."
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