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Aihe:Noora Louhimon (Battle Beast) sooloprojekti
Aika:27.07.2019 23:15
Battle Beastin laulajalla Noora Louhimolla riittää energiaa - nyt hän on työstämässä soololevyä. Ilmeisestikin luvassa vähän Battle Beastista poikkeavaa musiikkia, alla lainaus Nooran päivityksestä:
Woke up soooo exciteeeed Ive kept it quiet but now I just wanna say it:
This year Ive been working on my first solo album with my band and cant wait to get it out for you to listen
This might come as a shock to someone but my roots as a musicians comes from blues, jazz, soul and rock music. Before @battlebeastband Id sing all other genres but heavy metal. I wanted to learn to sing in all possible ways but I didnt know why - until 2012 when I was asked to join Battle Beast in which Ive been able to use my voice in so many ways and is the best job to be the lead singer of the band. To give little bit something back to my idols such as Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Queen..
In my solo project it is time to go back to the many ways Today I woke up from sauna next to a lake and we @samylee_erkkila , @jchalttunen and @juusoraatikainenmusic start this beautiful day by writing and recording music Ill share some sneak peeks in my story so youll get a hint what is coming up Have a great day everyone #newmusic #musicalroots #idols #soloproject #happymorning
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