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Aihe:Chinese Imports
Aika:24.02.2015 09:22
6guitars: From what I have seen most buyers on ali express are happy except with the electronics and needing a set up.
Not sure if I will bite and order one. Too me, they look good. And if I change pick ups and it plays good, that's fine.

Yes if you're buying 'ornament' it's ok that it just looks good. But woods does matter. So I guess buying some cheaper well known brand would be much wiser thing to do if you also like to play with it.
At least Epi Squier etc. try to do guitar that really works but i'm not sure if those Chinese do...
Ja monikulttuurisuuden nimissä sama ruotsiksi.
Trees åckso matter. Så it ville be mycket bättre att köpä Epi och Squier becåås det är alla god and prova görä quliteet...
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