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Alue:Elektroniikka ja soitinrakennus
Aihe:Hey everyone! English guitar builder (stuck) in Pori..
Aika:16.11.2012 19:33
Hei vaan - I've lived in Finland for a couple of years now and still find it difficult to write well in Finnish. Really difficult. Probably best if I introduce myself?
Well, I've been buildings guitars and basses for around ten years and up until now I have made about two instruments per year. Everything from multi-scale five-string basses to eight-string guitars (I made the first 30" scale instrument in 2006).
Now my family and I live in Pori I would like to find materials and supplies locally rather than buying from abroad. I've started making contacts, buying lumber and rebuilding my tooling (I had to sell most of it when we moved from the UK) however I still need to figure out good sources for paint. I'm currently studying and have access to an excellent paintshop however the differences between the stuff "there" and what is best used on instruments is a yawning gulf.
I hope to get acquainted with the regulars here and to improve my Finnish somewhat. Certainly, there is plenty of reading to do..
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