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Aihe: Varastettu/Stolen: Spector Euro 5 LX Black Cherry
30.08.2009 19:20:28 (muokattu 30.08.2009 19:23:36)
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Hello everybody,
My name is Alari and I live in Tallinn, Estonia. I figured out I would like to report my bass guitar stolen - in case it reaches Finnish markets.
Yesterday, August 29th, I had my Spector Euro 5 LX Black Cherry stolen from Tapper rock club, Tallinn. The bass has Schaller strap locks changed for Dunlop and it was packed in an original Spector gig bag, a dark yellow label Spector on it.
Pictures and information:
Please if anybody hears something, contact:
phone no: +372 562 302 60.
Recompensation guaranteed.
02.09.2009 09:12:16
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Do you have the serial number?
03.09.2009 01:44:19
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Unfortunately I was dumb enough not to bget the serial number/b, although the factory didn't provide me with any technical passport or information about the serial number. I have the correspondence and written confirmation of the payment, the payment number. I tried to contact the factory, not responding at the moment.
I wrote to and surely I will have to get the number somehow.
26.10.2009 17:55:05
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Hi Alari,
the serial number of your Spector bass guitar was 8473.
25.04.2010 11:36:58
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Yeah!!! I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPECTOR is finally at HOME!
I had spread the info everywhere and on April 17th a guy called Karla contacted me and told there was a topic in a guitar forum where a frogurt-dude called TONY was selling my Spector with 10K. It arose suspicion and I created several virtual e-mail accounts on gmail. I performed under Estonian male names like Sven Kaarik and Risto Allikmaa.
Kaarik told him he once had attempted to buy a Spector but had unfortunately not had enough dough. Sven Kaarik offered him a kickass deal. Although Tony knew the bass was stolen, he accepted Sven's deal and we met at Estonian National Library on April 23rd. Of course I came with the police and the guy was off to the police department where I had registered my lost bass (August 2009).
The police did their work although Tony denies being the thief. He tells he bought it from an acquaintance who allegedly bought it from the initial thief.
They started an investigation and we hope to catch the real whippersnapper-idiot thief!!!
Thanks for keeping an eye out,
Alari of Paean/Syrcity - Estonia
25.04.2010 12:21:18
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Great to hear that you got your bass back. She's a beauty!
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