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Aihe: Wacken Open Air 2.8-5.8.2023
10.11.2022 12:29:37
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Itse festarihan on jo loppuunmyyty mut joitakin lippuja löytyy Elmu ry:n matkapaketissa ja lisätietoa festarista:
Festarin omat sivut:
05.12.2022 15:21:30
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Lisää bändejä julkaistu:
"You patiently waited over a month for our next band announcement, and you shall not be disappointed! We give you 1/4 th of the Big Four, more Vikings and legends to match the theme and much MORE!

Anthrax - 40th Anniversary Show!
They are part of The Big Four and they got the most iconic beard in the scene on guitar New York Thrash legends Anthrax need no further introduction. That little thing called Covid ruined their 40th birthday party celebrations all over the globe so we are even more happy to be cheering with them for their 42nd. If you aint getting caught in a mosh here, then we dont know what to tell you!
Killswitch Engage
Everybody loves a comeback story! Killswitch Engage, probably one of the biggest Metalcore bands on the globe did not let a change in lead vocals stop them - quite the opposite. When the band saw Howard Jones in 2012 leave due to personal reasons, they welcomed back founding member Jesse Roach. Lucky Wacken Fans: you all get to experience the band after a fantastic show 2008 with Jones now with Roach! Who is your favourite KsE Frontman?
Employed to Serve
Wild, young, eager, brutal are some of the adjectives that come to mind when you experience Employed To Serve for the first time. We are not sure who they are serving but their harsh grinding vocals and riffs are very much to our liking. And apparently also metal gods Gojira share this opinion, as Employed To Serve is an often invited guest on their tours.
The name Be'Lakor is not only that of a demon from the Warhammer universe, but also a melodic death metal band from Melbourne, Australia, which has been a hot insider tip for years. The band has released 5 albums since their founding in 2004. The latest album Coherence has seen the light of day in 2021 and next year the Australians will play at W:O:A for the first time!
There was a time when the little town Ruppichteroth was a quiet, romantic location that invites you to go hike the German Eifel. That must have been before Kärbholz were born, because we can only guess that them practicing their In-Your-Face RocknRoll must have woken up the last sleepy soul in a mile radius. 20 years down the road and with some chartbreaking records under their belt, it is even harder to sleep on them. Three times is a charm, lets welcome them back accordingly!
Schandmaul- 25th Anniversary Show!
Germany is the undisputed champion of medieval rock - why? We just like to be reminded of times where beer was drunken out of horns, and it was socially accepted to not bathe for 1 week. Or maybe it is because we have fantastic exemplums like Schandmaul, who for 25 years bring folky joy into the world. What could be a better place for the anniversary show then the Wacken stage?
If you are waiting impatiently for more Vikings to enter our stages: here, you go! Straight from Viking country these musicians with sounding names like Ragnarsson and Sigurðsson gathered under the black flag of the ship that is called Skalmöd. In 2023 they are sailing again to Wacken to tell us old Islandic tales from brave warriors, terrifying beasts and old legends.
Real McKenzies
Professional Scotsman and Kiltwearer Paul McKenzie almost needs no introduction. For 30 years and counting him and his ferocious bunch are taking their Celtic Punk all over the globe. One might even argue that it was the Real McKenzies who invented it. Guess that will be something to discuss over a Guiness backstage with the Dropkick Murphys.
Many people already see Heriot as the new revelation in Metalcore. And there may be some truth about that, as Heriot are widening the horizons of the genre. Where the guitars and drums are raining nails upon the listener, it is the spheric voice of Debbie Gough that catches them and wraps them in silver linen. It will be amazing to see what this young band can do on stage.
What happens when you put four warkings together on one stage? A. They burn each other to ashes B. We will all go to Valhalla C. They form a band and become a most spectacular Powermetal concert experience. Answer is C. and the aptly named band Warkings will be bringing their godly but unholy shenanigans back on our stage 2023. Powered (sic) by their latest album Morgana we surely hope they are magically support again by our favourite voice-witch Morgana Le Faye! "
16.01.2023 16:54:59 (muokattu 16.01.2023 16:57:07)
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Lisää esiintyjiä julkaistu!
Beyond The Black
Shooting Stars? Germanys new Frauleinwunder revelation? _In only seven years Beyond The Black stripped off all labels and became one of the hottest acts around the globe. Metal-Princess Jennifer Haben enchanted the fans worldwide and album by album the band climbed the stairway to the heaven - to be not a follower but now one third of the holy trinity of Female fronted Symphonic Metal. Lets welcome them back on our stages and celebrate with them the release of their newest self-titled oeuvre out in January!_
Doro 40th Anniversary
If you never stood in a crowd and raised a flaming lighter towards the stage while the lyrics to Für Immer touched your heart and soul - have you even lived?! No other female singer has shaped metal music like Doro. And that is not only for her smash hit, that became our soundtrack if we missed home or a loved one but for her bite, her good vibes, her uniqueness, her neverending output of high energy music that has accompanied some of us for all our musical journeys. Incredible 40 years on stage feel like an electric rush and to witness Doro and band presenting her career in a once in a lifetime headliner show will probably be one of THE most memorable shows of W:O:A 23. All hail the Queen!_
Dust Bolt
Thrash Metal from Bavaria might not be where you usually place it, but if you never heard of Dust Bolt you clearly lived under a rock the last 10 years. Being the young teenage dirtbags they were, they won our Metal Battle 2011 and then set out to conquer the world. Amongst their crusades were US and Canada tours with legends Obituary and Exodus. This year they are working on becoming legends themselves: New bandmember, new songs, new beginnings! Best place to present the whole package: Wacken 2023!
Dying Fetus
Doesnt matter what you say, we are against it - This could be a motto Dying Fetus are grounding their brutal death-metal on since their birth in the early nineties. Cancerous they have been fiercely creating a counter-culture soundtrack that bites through various styles but remains merciless. This year they finally decided to dangle a carrot in front of the hungry crowd in form of a new track, after staying in their womb for five years. We are excited to hear the new album that is supposed to drop in 2023.
Heaven Shall Burn
Thuringia in Germany is known for its dark forests and the old word jugglers Goethe and Schiller. Maybe that is the perfect soil for one of the most prolific Metalcore bands to sprout into the world like jacks beanstalk. Heaven Shall Burns message remains authentic and highly political. Their lyrics are more important than ever, their sound versatile, highly intelligent without losing that round-house kick directly in the face. We are proud that Wacken and HSB has become such a strong union during their journey and are more than excited to see them now grace one of the top spots of our billing list!
Holy Moses
Last German Open AirHeavy, heavier, Sabina Classen! If you are a true metalhead your path had to cross this dark queen and her army. Many times we welcomed Holy Moses on our stages and every show has been a unique and memorable experience. I guess you can say that Holy Moses and Wacken have become quite a dream team and it is with more than a black tear in our eyes to announce that this will be their last German Open Air show ever. Expect the unexpected! If you know Sabina, you can be sure of that!_
Mille Petrozza ist ohne Zweifel einer der interessantesten Frontmänner im Metal: Er ist seit 40 Jahren Frontröhre von Deutschlands größtem Thrash-Export Kreator, taucht seine Zehen gehne mal in eine Reihe genreübergreifender künstlerischer Unternehmungen, ist seinen Wurzeln in seiner Heimatstadt mehr als treu geblieben und nimmt auch kein Blatt vor den Mund, lieber mal eine Yogamatte und ein gutes Buch der wilden Aftershow-Party vorzuziehen (oder am Ende eben beides zu machen ;-) ). Kreator sind Kult und festigen mit jedem neuen Album ihren Status als solcher. Sie haben gerade Hate über alles veröffentlicht und wir hoffen, dass sie akzeptieren, wenn wir im Gegenzug Love über alles für Kreator antworten.
20th AnniversaryThere once was rumble in Deutschland and one of the biggest metal bands smashed like a pumpkin on the wall to pieces and Bam! just like that Roland Grapow and Uli Kusch left Helloween and formed Masterplan. No surprise that nothing bad could come out of these genes and Masterplan became a steady pillar on the seas between melodic and power metal. After 20 years Masterplan are still going strong and will salute us with new and old material and Swedish powerhouse Rick Altzi on vocals. You all know what that means!_
Universum 25I
guess you could call this a true supergroup: Robert Rhein (In Extremo), Rupert Keplinger (Eisbrecher), Pat Prziwara (Fiddlers Green), Gunnar Schroeder (Dritte Wahl) und Alex Schwers (Slime). Powering rock guitars, atmospheric electronica and Frei Schnauze lyrics in the style of protest-songs that need to be sung and heard again: This is Universum 25.
Here comes the return of the dark prince! Five years after a a flood of tears marked the split of Finnish Dark Rock Superstars HIM, we welcome Ville Valo, who modestly just calls himself VV now, back on the scene to fill the black infinite hole he himself created. Noone has ever managed to come close to the distinct Gothic Rock and even though we already know that his solo-return is going to be nothing like a HIM revival, we will hold the heartagrams on our wrists proud in the air!

Itse festarihan on jo loppuunmyyty mut joitakin lippuja löytyy Elmu ry:n matkapaketissa ja lisätietoa festarimatkasta/festarista:

Festarin omat sivut: https://www.wacken.com_
21.02.2023 16:58:28
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"We unleash another massive band wave! This includes many well-known faces with cult status like Voivod and Dark Tranquility as well as brand new sensations like Sleep Token or Black Mirrors, which stirred up quite a bit of dust in the scene!
Here are the bands (in alphabetical order):
All For Metal
Robin and Batman? Thor and Loki? Asterix and Obelix? Move over! Here are Antonio and Tetzel. The metal world has a new front man duo, heading in the brand-new band project All For Metal. Epic songs, goose bumps and a look and feel that Boris Vallejo would be proud of, are the themes here. A feast für the ears and eyes!
Black Mirrors
Fluttering between genres from Hardrock to Doom & Stoner via straight in your face 90s Heavy are Belgians not-so-secret-anymore female fronted Black Mirrors. With powerhouse Marcella singing her heart out and the rest of the gang delivering the full package, we are sure you will fall in love with them like we did.
Never say never! In 2020 Horror-Punk fans all over the word rejoiced, because genre-leaders Blitzkids founding members Argyle Goolsby and TB Monstrosity announced that it is time for The Kid to get its sh together again. Originally founded in 1997 they may have been influenced by the Misfits - but now they for sure are an inspiration for many others.
Cellar Darling
Switzerland is famous for its beautiful mountains, delicious cheese and the maybe not so pretty split of Anna, Ivo and Merlin from Folk Metal giants Eluveitie. But as they say: Every ending is also a new beginning; the trio founded Cellar Darling and channeled their already long trained teamspirits into the magic of the new project.
Doing some time travelling will take you to a Mexiko, that had not been invaded by Columbus and offered a colorful bouquet of rituals, customs and tribal activities. Some of them have faded like your favorite Wacken shirt but fear no more Cemican are here to stay and to keep the Aztec-traditions alive. With theatric assets, some lyrics in Nahuatl and even the use of traditional instruments like rattles and pipes they will surely hover you into another dimension.
One for all and all for one! You will surely remember where this quote stems from and probably already sense which band we are talking about: dArtagnan. These German musical musketeers are no stranger to catchy melodies and thus continue to raise not only the Folk Metal bar but also their chart positions. If you are new to the Tier check out their collaboration with Candice Night on the revamp of the drinking-song Song ar christr on their last album and we are sure you will raise your glass to them as well!
Dark Tranquility
Mikael Stanne: A name that should ring a couple of bells in every metal-head! And while we were lucky enough to present the debut of his new project The Halo Effect in 22, we are happy to welcome him back this year with his long-term-band and Swedish Melodic Death spearheads Dark Tranquility. With a new line up and their latest album Moment in their suitcase they are on their way to the Holy Ground.
Der W
Former enfant terrible but also THE polarizing personality of German rock: It certainly wasn't always easy to be THE W. All the more reason to take us on his personal journey that brought him to his solo band project years ago. And it does not get more personal than here. A lot becomes clear, some things are burned in forever and the conclusion remains: Wherever Der W is, Rock resides. And that's the most important thing.
What would be a proper Nordic theme without a couple of mythological creatures? While we strongly rely on you to bring the pink unicorns, we will open the stage for some of the fiercest Finns Metal has to offer: Finntroll! Prepare for a wild gathering from the underworld and dont forget your pointy ears.
Marty Friedman
When you recite Metals most skilled guitarists-list you will have to name Marty Friedman very quickly. Probably most famous for his 10 years in Megadeth, Marty is an absolut 6-string-icon and it is not surprising that his talent not only is an essential guide to everyone learning the guitar, but also a solid staple in TV-shows dealing with talent and music in his expat-homecountry Japan!
Monsters of Liedermaching
Whether it's about salamander foreskin diets or door fetishists, stories about superheroes or eternal losers, licking lanterns or kissing muses. There are no limits in the monster cosmos. It can be pogged, swayed and wallowed. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious. The incompatibility of delicate ballads and bizarre sing-along evergreens is eliminated and the monster magic can unfold.
If the name Morast does not ring a bell YET, we will forgive you but urge you to keep an eye out for the German Doom-Sludgers that have their firm roots in other bands, namely the legendary Hammerhead and the underground-icons Serpent Eater. In English Morast means swampy grounds and that is exactly where their brutal punch will take you and drown your intestines during their debut at the WOA.
Mutz & The Blackeyed Banditz
If you are a fan of Wacken and an avid visitor there is no way you have not met Mutz before. As longtime collaborator, friend, inner circle-musician and even stage manager, he is one of the WOA-faces you should remember. In his project with The Blackeyed Banditz he aims a bit away from his metal-roots and makes fans of (Made in Germany)-Americana and Southern Rock happy.
Not all heroes wear capes - some wear spikes and founded Death Metal. The story of Possessed and their leadsinger Jeff Becerra is one of getting back in the ring, never being defeated against the odds and most of all delivering pure brain-grinding Metal. Already from their beginning in 1983 the Bay Area band became synonymous with being the first band using the term Death Metal, putting out the first groundbreaking album of the genre. But Possesseds first coming was short lived and came to a halt, when Jeff tragically and accidentally was hurt in a shooting that left him paralyzed. He withdrew from music until the late 90s and more importantly until the reunion of Possessed in 2007 which was crowned with a spectacular gig on our Holy Ground. Wacken has been a steady anchor for the band to return to and we are psyched to welcome them back!
If it would not be for Skindred I am pretty sure we would have never thought that mixing Reggae, Funk and Metal can sound so dope! Being veterans of the art of putting together a bloody, twangy cocktail already with the band Dub Step, Skindred have been gracing the stages since the late 90s. Hailing from the lesser as RocknRoll capital known, beautiful Wales, their exceptional status probably had been predestined. That it would last over years and years is surely thanks due the capacities of charismatic and spellbinding front man Benji Webbe.
Sleep Token
Do believe the hype! Even though Sleep Token have been together since over 6 years, the buzz that has been around this band in the last months has been phenomenal. As are the speculations who hides behind those masks and is responsible for the highly complicated, enchanting Post-Metal that again sounds so different and fresh and distinguishes them from their genre colleagues. Legend has it Sleep Token worship the cult of a higher being called Sleep, which is interesting, cause sleeping is definitely the last thing you want to do, while listening to them.
The Answer
Over 300,000 sold records, six studio albums and worldwide tours, among others with bands like AC/DC. It's no wonder that The Answer hold the title of "pioneers of the new wave of Classic Rock". After seven long years, the band returns with a new album. "Sundowners" is the name of their new masterpiece. An album that captures the soul of a band that not only wants to rekindle the spark but burn even brighter than ever before.
The Night Eternal
The Night Eternal impresses on record as well as live on stage with their virtuous, precise but forceful performance across all _ve musicians. Fans of In Solitude, Tribulation, The Devils Blood or Judas Priest will buzz about the exceptional riffs and catchy melodies which conate to a band that honors, but never imitates their 80s paragons.
The Raven Age
It might be a blessing and a curse to be the son of the bandleader and bass player from one of the biggest Metal bands in the world, Iron Maiden. Undisputedly the talents runs in the family though, and who would not use it to form a band! As did George Harris and Dan Wright by 2009 and by 2013, the Raven Age was a fully formed quintet, with Matt Cox joining on bass and backing vocals, Michael Burrough on lead vocals, and Jai Patel on drums. The name of the band is inspired by the mythology surrounding the ravens that reside in the Tower of London. Legend has it that if the ravens ever leave, the tower and the monarchy will fall.
Another band that needs no further introduction and can be easily named in one sentence with the likes of Kreator and Venom is Voivod. The Canadian Noise-Metal-Cyberpunk continues to deliver and scratch the boundaries, that might have kept them from becoming as huge as their stage-sharers, but also cement them as indestructible force majeure of the underground.
But that's not all! More bands will follow in the next weeks so stay tuned! "
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