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Aihe: Melloboat 2013, 6.-8.9.2013
29.11.2012 22:40:34
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Se on taas tulossa. Reitti on tosin eri kuin edellisellä kerralla. Toivottavasti tällä kertaa ei peruuteta kuten 2009. On sen verran mielenkiintoista ohjelmaa tyrkyllä.. Ja varmasti aivan yhtä loistava tunnelma kuin aikaisemminkin. Pakko päästä.
Melloboat 2013, 6-8 September 2013, Silja Festival (41-hour cruise Stockholm->Riga->Stockholm)
It is no surprise that Opeth wants to get back on Mello Boat. This will be the last time to see them live before they go into the studio to record their new album. We might expect some crazy surprises and maybe a newly crafted song.
On the last Mello Boat the success was immediate. This time Morgan promises (if that is indeed possible) to exceed himself with a 2013 All Star Team
Fabio wrote the soundtrack to Lucio Fulcis movies "City of the Living Dead", "The Beyond" and "Zombie". For thirty years he has constantly refused to perform his horror music live. For the first, and maybe last time, the Maestro of Horror Music enters the stage on Mello Boat 2013 to perform his horror music live.
Christer Stålbrandts SAGA:
The complete line-up from their legendary self-titled album from 1974 will perform it on stage, together with at least four never before heard songs. There will also be some prominent guests.
Cressida together with Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep and Gentle Giant is by many considered to be the best groups on the legendary Vertigo swirl label. On Mello Boat 2013 they will play music from both their albums, the self-titled one as well as Asylum. Iain Clarke who played drums on the Uriah Heep album Look at yourself will of course be part of the band.
Änglagård put Swedish progressive rock on the world map. Their comeback is a long expected event. That they choose the Mello Boat for their first gig on their short fall tour.
Two heavy records in less than a year! Playing with joy, feeling and passion makes this supergroup a must on the Rockin with Riga trip.
Everybody agrees that over the years Trettioåriga Kriget has just become better and better. They started in 1970 at Saltsjöbaden and since then their music has developed like a vintaged wine.
Their self-titled album was released in 1973 and is full of demonic songs such as The End, Jesus Freaks and Nightmare. At the time they were the heaviest outfit on Iceland. For the first time in exactly 40 years the band gets together and performs music we did not imagine existed.
Their music is as awesome as the cover picture of their only album from 1973. The singer Georg Trolin will guide his blues based quintet over the dark Baltic Sea in a heavy and punchful manner.
On both Mello Boat I & II they enthralled the audience. Now they are back a third time with their melancholic songs about life and death and all that lies in between.
Acustic psychedelic music with a touch of folkmusic. Lisa & Piu performed on the previous Mello Boat and this time we might be treated with some Syd Barrett songs.
What is Promise & The Monster many asked us before the previous Mello Boat. Now it sounds different. Now many says no Mello Boat without Promise and The Monster. Your wish is our law.
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