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Aihe: The Mole Club in Stockholm is looking for Finnish bands
06.12.2010 12:32:50
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The Mole Club (Klubb Mullvaden) in Stockholm is looking for bands and artists, april-december 2011
Our main genres are ska, reggae, hiphop, soul, funk and electronica. But other styles are also very welcome
Our club is located in the area of Södermalm, which is in central Stockholm. The culture life in this Södermalm is more alternative than other parts of the city.
Our club nights take place each Saturday, and we've got a principle of not making the entrance price too expensive. About 150 people fit in the concert room
Now we are looking abroad for interesting music acts
We have got the necessary music equipment. PA-system, guitar amplifiers, a bass amplifier, mics and mic stands, a drum set. We might just ask you to bring extra microphones if you wish for example to amplify the drums (that is not really necessary though)
The payment would be a percentage of the entry fee
The Mole soundsystem covers the missing part of the tickets, in case the income from the gig would not cover the journey to Stockholm and back
If you are interested in playing in Stockholm, write us at
Please write a descripiton of yourself and provide a link to your demo. Also write about your band how many musicians and what instruments you use
Please write us in English.
We also have a blog, with some pictures.
It is mostly in Swedish, but it has English features
here is our facebook group … 4#!/group.php?gid=10150119503390252
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