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Aihe: Betrayal and Revenge
03.03.2012 14:58:43
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There's a van going on the road,
escaping from the police force.
Driver has been petrayed
by his own friends.
But with the grin on his face
he is driving to sunset.
He is heading to the Northeast
with no worries in his mind.
Now he is alone again
knowing he has to flee before he looses.
But he swears he will come back someday
and he drives on the highway.
Now he has false identity
and he is a businessman.
But every day he is thinkin' 'bout going back,
and make his friends pay.
Finally he takes his Ferrari
and he drives back to his hometown.
There he goes to the cafe
and he sees his friends.
Now all the anger flows through him
and he shouts over the place.
His friends got scared and they try flee.
But police is waiting them and they got arrested.
The man drives back to the Northeast
and continues making more money.
And every day he thinks his friends
and he is sad 'cause now he is all alone.
Olen säveltänytkin tämän ja kappale on aika folk/country -henkinen.
"It's good to dream."
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