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Aihe: Pari pikasta kirjotusta 8D
05.11.2009 15:54:48 (muokattu 05.11.2009 20:42:19)
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Eka tässä, täähän on selvästi semmosesta salaisesta rakastajattaresta.
You are so
Cool and happy
Please dont
Drool and slap me
Please Dont shout
Who's my daddy
Ive confused you
With maddy
Just use ur
mouth n chat me
Only your mouth,
Dont be so loud
just acting
Ill be proud
just ask me
When im gone
Contact me
Wanna mourn?
Extract this
What is there?
My tactics
But for what?
This whole plastics
Now i get it
Im so wetting
This our thing
Our small secret
Never crashing
But she's so mean,
Clever, rash, in
two seconds time
She'll be blastin'
Into the skies
With no1 askin'
You'll be mine
With no harrassing
Sitte toinen, joka on sitten aivan erilainen :o.
Working a long day living the wrong way
Jerkin' n' lurkin' in bushes like Kurt Cobain
No pain, stay sane with help of dives thru cocaine
Whatcha gonna do when next u get is propane
I avoided the drugs
I changed it to butt-
sex So let's test the excess mess
it causes coz ur restless grotesque
Until the following day, i thought i would need nothing but good sex every now and then to stay away from the drugs
..but you see, one tinyest thing can change it all:

Now it's time for the story to start
I got the svineflue when i went thru the park
Gotten rid of the "good shit", time for new chart
Doc gave me vicodin, damn this is hard!
One pill, two pill, three pill, four pill
I just wanna stay ill, need my daily refill..
Now chill..
I felt like a pacifist on acid trip
Baby, i am melting, pass it quick
This is so massive shit im gettin delirious
Mysterious stereos staring at me, hilarious!
Am i nefarious? Noooooooooooooooooooooot!
There's a wasted waitress waiting to get a face lift
Wait, dont waste it or the next she needs is phase shift
When I see her, wanna get a good ol' in-out
Im spankin like bever, i fall, gotta remount
A Lotta screamin "fuck me hard, fuck me hard!"
I must be dreaming fucking pussyfart..PUSSYFART!!
Diminishing sound of the stinky melodie
Finishing my chance of livin with no remedie
I need another fillin' from friend or enemy
Ill be rdy to begg from even J. F. Kennedy
Until that day i was happy with vicodin and sex
Now the latter is forgotten no matter what context
Back to my daily routine, They ask me where have you been
Like in a rehab movie. He is dead. ..Who? Me?
Sanokaa ihmeessä mielipiteitä..positiivisia ja negatiivisia. Pieni pilke silmäkulmassa tehtyjä ;).
edittt: nii ja tietty jos on jotai biittihirmuja jotka haluis tehä biisejä yhessä ni sanokaa ihmeessä (:
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