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Aihe: SESTINA : Rose In Dreams (Rock/Pop)
29.11.2010 13:51:12
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Bändin nimi: SESTINA
Kappaleen nimi: Rose In Dreams
Genre: Rock/Pop
URL: (Mp3)
Rose in Dreams
pretty in a tired kind of way
you dress like you'd wish to remain
unseen by others
like your books
under covers
didn't think that I'd be drawn to
someone so ordinary
but like you
I didn't choose these dreams
my dreams chose me
Rose closes her eyes
disappears in between the lines
in words out of reason or rhyme
and I'm nothing she would ever want
'cause us creatures of flesh and blood
don't easily seem to agree
with what you are
so walk through the crowd
walk on now through the crowd
walk right past everyone
walk on through
stay unharmed
walk right past
remain untouched
you don't need my heart
you don't want my hand
you need a witness
you want to show what you've seen
an undiscovered land
a home out of time
out of place
home without faces or names
without lives
and she quietly passes me by
doesn't notice that I'm at her side
doesn't see it's not me
from whom she needs to hide
but I know I can never be
as real as her make believe
as true as what awaits
out in her dreams
Rose opens her eyes
spreads her wings open wide
runs head to head with the wind
to take flight
and when she's vanished up in the sky
we'll remember her sometimes
and I'll tell
how she once was one of us
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