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Aihe: Free guitar adjustment/consulting & guitar borrowing
14.09.2015 02:40:29
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(Firstly, I am grateful for your reading and please forgive me if its the wrong place to post as I only understand very little Finnish, its kind of hard for me to navigate the website and took me a while to post. I apologize first if any disturbance.)
Hi guys,
I am a 27-year-old guy from Taiwan who just got here in Helsinki one and half month ago. Basically, as a long-term Finnish metal fan, I quit my office job to come here to pursue my music dream and see what I can do with my career.
Now I have a little problem, I cant just go ahead and ship my guitars here or buy one here because now I am still not 100% sure if I am able to get a full-time job to stay in this country first in the next 45 days. However, as a guitar player I have never felt this rusty before. I havent played since I got here and now I really feel I need to get back to my routine practice of the reading technic ASAP, or I cant imagine how rusty I will be 45 days later.
So I will truly appreciate if any of you guys in great Helsinki area have an extra elec guitar which I can borrow. To return the favor I would be very happy to help you with your guitars. Besides a guitarist, I am also a luthier (guitar maker) graduated from Guitar Craft Academy, Musician Institute in Hollywood, California in 2012. During the time with MI, I made two guitars. Although today I dont really make guitars, I am still doing modifications and some repair works, so I can do some good for you.
Here is the pic of one of the guitars I made FYI: … ijjx/AAA1dYx3fj44uSkOtsFgmMzHa?dl=0
And here is a cover few years ago FYI. (there are some mistakes tho, just for fun) … 746/529294577094978/?type=3&theater
So basically, if any of you guys in great Helsinki area have an extra elec guitar which I can borrow, as the return, you get:
1._Free guitar adjustment & repair. (I am sorry I only brought some basic tools with me here, for example I dont have a soldering iron, any sanding tools or a handdrill, so I cant do something too complicated such as electronic, changing pickups, fixing a broken neck, refret and etc But if you can get me a soldering iron, and some other appropriate tools, I might be able to do something)
2._Free guitar craft consulting. You can feel free to ask me if you have questions about the guitar or you want to know how to make the right adjustment or fix sth or do some certain things yourself. (From a luthier point of view, its more valuable than just repairing. I can teach you how to properly do something about your guitar, so you know how to do it yourself next time. Sometimes knowhow is the most valuable thing.)
3._You made a friend from Taiwan :) loooool. If you want to learn Chinese, I can help you as well. Lol
I am also eager to know some local musicians/bands in the melodic metal filed. I will be happy and thankful either I can borrow a guitar from someone or someone is willing to share some information about the local musicians/bands. (I am not sure if this would work, people probably dont give a damn about me, but I still give it a try anyway. Thank you for your understanding.) :)
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