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Aihe: Keyboard and piano player insearching for a musicalband
24.06.2020 08:59:39 (muokattu 26.06.2020 17:24:16)
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Hello guys!

Professional musician, keyboard and piano player with much more than 20 years of experience on the stage.I have 42 years as age and I have been living in Finland for 7 years . I'm interested to activate in a little band (like duo or trio) or even into a big one for the singing at the clubs or restaurants/terrace , shows..etc.
Like professionist I'm able almost for any kind of improvisation making, I know the international old and new music repertoire , coffeconcert, jazz-rock, pop...etc. I'm a good harmonist ,able to make manual bass if need it, I have many ideas about the globality orchestral sound as harmonicaly point of view...
My motto is:
Everything is learned with patience and interest !!!
I'm vocal singer also. I have an KORG PA 4 , like own instrument and some sounds tools ( 2 yamaha speakers and a audio mixer ).
Hopening that someone would be interested about me for an serious colaboration, I'm waiting for reply.
I speak also little bit finnish language..

Best regards
0456057133 (write me on whatsapp)
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