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Aihe: I'd like to start playing violin
02.07.2014 00:52:55 (muokattu 02.07.2014 00:55:07)
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Hello everyone, pleased to make your aqcuaintance.
Hopefully you don't mind me writing in English, since it feels more natural to me than Finnish does. I do understand Finnish but you can answer in either language.

I actually posted this on other section but no one replied so.. I decided on my own that the section I originally posted this thread in is dead or somewhat far from lively. One thing I should probably say first is that I got Yamaha keyboard which I've been "playing" for a while. My father's side of the family has always been more musical but now that most of them are gone I feel like it's dying with this current generation. I don't want to let that happen. I used to be interested in playing guitar but never actually quite managed to keep interested in it. Perhaps it was the wrong way to try and keep me going; With my current keyboard I've noticed that what keeps me going isn't learning theory but rather learning songs I like one by one (mostly soundtracks since they pack quite a bunch of feelings for me from movies and series). I've always had this feeling that I'd like to play violin. I just haven't had the chance, nor support. Now that I'm alone.. well, let's just say that at least there isn't anyone to slow me down the way they used.
The following is completely copied and pasted from the other thread I started in other section:
Now, let's me get the show on the road then.
For a while now I've had a thought of getting a violin. Of course, when I inspected some of them on the Internet, I was shocked by their prices. There were many cheap ones too but by reading conversations I found out that they may be far from perfect. Frankly, I can't afford to buy a violin that costs $200 or more. Everything's so damn pricy nowadays..

So, back to the topic.
I did find some that I could afford on my budget but I'd need some help on deciding which one I should pick and which one I should leave on shelf.

These are the ones that I could afford. I know, I know. I should spend at least that $200 to get a decent violin. But as a student.. oh well, you get the point; I gotta live. Anyway, I'd like a violin that could last for years and serve me faithfully, without disappointments, but one that is cheap at the same time.

E-Violin: (ELECTRIC)

Please, feel free to recommend me some others, too. All feedback is welcome and I urge you to reply! As childish as it may sound... Thanks in advance! :)

Soul's Toler.
02.07.2014 12:21:03 (muokattu 02.07.2014 12:27:24)
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All good violins are hand crafted so prices are high.
It might be hard to get any real opinions about cheap beginner violins. Most people who play violin have started young and had their first instruments bought by their parents. The problem with those cheap instruments is that you can't really know about the quality. It might be anything.
If you are really planning to start playing violin, I would recommend trying to find a used student instrument or saving more money. With 600-800 euros you can get a fairly good student instrument. If you just want to try, buy the cheapest you can get.
Edit: remember that violin is not an easy instrument to learn. You almost definitely need a teacher and a lot of patience because the first year you'll mostly be learning to get a decent tone out of the violin rather than play any real songs. And (having seen and heard my 2 brothers do the same) after 5 years you'll actually still be learning to get a decent tone out of the instrument.
"Katastrofien ei pitäisi kestää näin kauan, haluan aamiaista!"
02.07.2014 13:16:04 (muokattu 02.07.2014 13:16:49)
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Sometimes I wish I had born with my pockets full of gold...
I really don't know if I just want to "try" or if Ireally want to pick the bull by the horns and actually get into it. Perhaps that's why it's so hard trying to decide whether or not I should invest more into it. With my personality... well, everything comes and goes quite fast; yet they always come back to haunt. I really would like to give it a try though. But on my budget even if I bought a cheap one there's no guarantee that I'd keep it up.
One other factor I should consider is time. I could say that I've got quite an odd "relationship" with it. I have very little patience when it comes to long term things. I have lived for years with principle of living my live one day at a time, day by day. Even thinking about future... Well, I don't think about the future. Sometimes time feels like it's flying, leaving everything behind. Sometimes I feel like it's losing even to snails in a race. So, even thinking of five years ahead in my life... I just can't see myself. I don't have any visions, none whatsoever. Time is something everything I may have and at the same time there's none.
Alright, gotta slow myself down before I start writing about philosophies behind the this time continuum, etc. etc. etc.
So. Perhaps I really should give some more thought to this. I must have known before I even started asking questions that there were no shortcuts, no easy ways and at least no cheap ways to start a new hobby. Not even when it includes the word 'violin'.
Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.
02.07.2014 15:19:49
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I don't know if it's any comfort to you but with the Chinese/Asian instruments widely on the market you can now get a usable violin with a fraction of the price compared to, say, the seventies. For the same quality that you now get a chinese one for 200€ you would have paid at least three, four times more then, I'm sure.
AFAIK, the hardest part in buying an inexpensive instrument is that you should have the possibility to try several ones, as their quality is not consistent.
I can't resist comping what's said above: The first years you mostly struggle just to get a tolerable sound out of it :o)
Asus P5B, E6600 Core 2, E-MU 1820, 2 G RAM, GF 7300, XP, SONAR 8.5 Keski-ikäisellä amatöörillä on se etu, että edessä olevia turhautumisen vuosia on vähemmän.
02.07.2014 16:03:31 (muokattu 02.07.2014 16:32:35)
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Kalmo: I don't know if it's any comfort to you but with the Chinese/Asian instruments widely on the market you can now get a usable violin with a fraction of the price compared to, say, the seventies. For the same quality that you now get a chinese one for 200€ you would have paid at least three, four times more then, I'm sure.
That is very very true.
I just bought a very nice handmade cello from A price was about 600 euros including taxes, shipping and custom fees. My one is solidwood and very well made. I bought it becouse I wanted to have an inexpensive cello for rock 'n' roll but it seems to be good enought for classical music also. A way better than inexpensive european cellos with a triple price.
There is a lot of chinese instrument makers selling their instruments in ebay.
For example … DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f38ee695b
Sanotaan että soundi lähtee sormista... no mulla se on kai jo sitte lähtenyt.
03.07.2014 10:21:47 (muokattu 04.07.2014 01:58:23)
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I've set up my eyes on Cecilio Violin, it'd cost around 135 euros with shipping costs to Finland
I actually saw the video featuring the violin
... and now I feel like I've gotta get it. Alright, it may not be the best one but it seems like it's playable at least. And at the moment I don't see any point in buying a violin that'd cost over 200 euros or more, nor do I see any point in buying a violin costing less but being complete trash. So. I'll probably pick it unless someone talks me out of it or recommends a better one.
Please, let me know what you think.
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