Päivämäärä:ke 12.08.2009
Esiintyjä:VJ Ben & M.O.C.
Paikka:Helsinki, Cheap Tricks klubi Korjaamolla
Introvert aka Jukka Varis from Finland has been making music for a number of years. His sound is sort of new wave techno. The words "original", "emotionally attractive", "artistic", "moody" and "experimental" could be the best to describe Introvert's sound. Also, there's a hint of nostalgia and psychedelic around it. It gives people different moods and visions, something to listen closely to and to think about, and it works on the dancefloor too.
In about six years Introvert's tracks have been supported by variety of different dj's: John Digweed, Darren Emerson and Funk 'D Void for example. Lately, long time (detroit) techno producer Orlando Voorn interested in Introvert's tracks and some of them got signed to his label "Night Vision" which started running originally early 90's. "Lemon Days / Times We Live" ep released in summer 2008 and Introvert's first artist album is going to be released on the same label in nearly future. "Hero Tracks Ep" got released on Holland based "Teamtomorrow Records" in early 2009.

DO IT! Collective
DO IT! is an exciting young creative collective and club night from Scotland that provides a platform and opportunity to collaborate for new djs, live acts, visuals and arts from near and far. Most nights are held at Aberdeen's underground Cellar 35 and this year they've been performing in venues from Norway to Spain. Representing at Cheap Tricks are residents DJs Uraki Riddim (Norway) & White Chocolate (UK), together with VJs Ben + M.O.C.

Expect a deep space provoked ride through hip-hop, disco, dub and house beats from Uraki Riddim while White Chocolate serves up an upfront selection of funk, 80s love melodies and electro. A visual malais of digital hands meeting analog fingers through to deep Nordic landscapes come courtesy of M.O.C. and Ben's live visuals. d r e a m and DO IT!

Be there for cheap drinks, nice people, great music and FREE ENTRY!


Cheap Tricks @ Korjaamo Bar
Töölönkatu 51 b, Helsinki
19-01 / 0 ¤

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