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Jäsenkuvaus: DoctorCrescent (#206041)

Viim. kirjautunut:26.05.2019
Viim. aktiivinen:26.05.2019 21:15   (88vrk, 8h ja 41min sitten)
Kuvaus:Hello! I'm a singer/songwriter currently living in Helsinki, my musical "Style" If you want to pick up genre or that kind of stuff, is pretty much kind of "Dark" Stuff, with me being able to do pretty much anykind of genre kind of stuff as music, considering lyrics and tune. I've got around 70 songs ready (in English) and they've all with tune and rhyme and even as a lyricist, having read other artists stuff I can say that my stuff is kinda damn good, not the real basic stuff you'd expect but actual really hmm id guess its kinda badass stuff heh heh. Coming to genres what im interested in is mostly Progressive,Hard Rock, Old Skool Rockn Roll, Heavy, Black Metal, Psychedelic, Cabaret, general kinda dark stuff, also can do Rap but its not so much my thing, my singing style is mostly going pretty much I guess its kinda bass, Johnny Cash/Elvis/Morrison/Plant/Alanko/Mike Style so Deep/Rasp/Clean vocals going without effort and with a fkin loud voice. If you're interested in contacting me if you're looking for a singer for your band, please do so by email, (i'll put up some songs for my own youtube channel during the next week) so you can check the stuff from there - and also if you want to you can just ask me to come and stop by to come and check if our stuff gets to kick in. I've got more stuff coming, and also we can (I'm finnish) do stuff in finnish as we'll but I thought we'd do by English for starters as all of my songs are in English and I'm a linguistic studier besides, so if you're looking for a singer who knows his shit, just pm me (This means currently email when ill get a new phone ill add my number just call me/text).

Add me also on Facebook if you're interested Doctor Crescent.

I'll add some songs in the 2 weeks period, check them out then and perhaps sooner if you happen to contact me.

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