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25.04.2009: Sinfactor studiopäiväkirja

Tässä kielitaitoisille Lontooksi kirjoittamani studiopäiväkirja:

Perjantai 26.9 @ Noisecamp studios, Turku

So we started at 18.00.
First thing was to set up and tune the drum kit. So the beginning was pretty much waiting. After a while
drums started to sound great and we started recording first drum tracks, me and Pate playing demo guitar in turns to Antti's headphones. Soon we had drum track for the first song. We did'nt even need many takes, everything went even better than expected. It was satisfying to notice that the diligent practise would'nt go to waste. At 22.00 we called it a day. We were pleased and
and confident, and ready to roll on saturday morning.


10.00 am

We continued with drum tracks. Antti was doing great job and soon Mikko started to hammer in basslines. Me and Pate kept on playing demo guitars to keep us warm. As vocal tracks will be done later, Mika was coaching the rest of us. I think it was around 14.00 we had all bass and drum tracks done already, so we were kind of ahead of our schedual. Brothers did a surprisingly good job. Mikko and the rest of us were very pleased with the bass sound, it has a nice clang on it. At this point I was suffering from malnutrition (pizzas, barrels of coffee, and so on) and quite a nasty flue.


We had a break, and Antti and Mika decided to have couple of beers to reward themselves (Mika rewarding himself for what? :D ) After the break we started to look for the guitar sound for Pate. The amount of distortion is always kind of a quest for holy grail, and so it was this time too. We also had some issues with guitars, causing delays. Still by the 22.00 we had Pate's guitars for one song (of three). And we realized that tracks have a good strong groove on 'em, which was nice. Still, it was a hard day and I personally felt a bit blue and exhausted.


10.00 am

Pate continued laying down overdriven rhythm guitar tracks. Things were going more smoothly now, and the atmosphere back at the level it should be.

The sunday was dedicated to guitars only. We we're quite busy with six-loaders because there was still a lot to do. Eventually Pate got his crunchy rhytms done and we started making my guitar sound. First rhythm guitars, then leads, then cleans of both me and Pate, and finally I added some finishing touch
with acoustic. What and exhausting day. But hearing the raw tracks was rewarding. So far we all are happy with the results! Vocal recordings and mixing well take place during 25-26.10, so I think first samples will be available on first half of November, and cd ep on the latter half!

Still recovering,

Kirjoittanut hjukke 01.10.2008

            800×600  -  64 kt.


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